Square Enix is teasing reviving a classic series with a mysterious countdown clock that will end in just under three days.

This teaser website is counting down to the potential return of a long lost Square Enix title or series. There are plenty of different series that Square Enix have given up in favour of promoting Final Fantasy, but this countdown seems to hint at one in particular.

The Japanese text accompanying the clock translates to “The legend will be revived”. The Japanese word for legend in this case is “densetsu”, which is part of the name for the Square Enix series Seiken Densetsu, better known in English as the Mana series (Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana).

Secret Of Mana

Could this mark a return to the Mana series then? The Mana series has a massive cult following and, excluding spin-offs, we haven’t seen a title since Legend of Mana in 2000. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility. We’ll let you know when the countdown ends.

Let us know which Square Enix series you want to see make a return in the comments.

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