More than two years after Sony’s promising suspend/resume feature was announced, it’s finally arrived for everyone to pick up and play with ease.

If you own a PlayStation 4, then you’ve no doubt already installed the latest software update. But what does update 2.50 look like in an overview?


This is the big one. Have you ever got to a point in a game where you couldn’t save, but had something else to do and had to leave your console? Now you don’t have to lose progress or wait minutes to load up the disc. Through a simple press of the ‘Rest Mode’, if you leave during any point in a game, within seconds you’ll get booted back to where you left off. It’s a simple feature, but it’s also an invaluable one going forward.

Tidying up the trophy room

Hunting all the trophies in a game is a fantastic achievement, though, when you look down your list to see games with 0%, it’s a little disconcerting. Being able to refine your trophy list by removing titles that are empty will sure satisfy my inner neat-freak. This is probably the second biggest feature, particularly if you’re a trophy collector with OCD.

That’s not all for updates to the trophy area, you can now share information about your achievements via Facebook or Twitter, making you the envy of all your friends. Also, ever want to look at a trophy list and sort out the rarity or figure out which you earned first? Now you can, via an assortment of options available. Finally, on a special touch, once a trophy is earned the PS4 will automatically take a screenshot so you can preserve the moment.

Back-up and restore

If you’re experiencing problems or are looking to buy a new PlayStation 4 system, having to download and reinstall all your settings can be a chore. Now you can use a HDD to back up the most important data: game patches, save data, screenshots, video clips and more. It’s going to save time, and more importantly, it’s helping you to ensure the safety of your previous gaming data.

Enhanced social aspects

Need more friends to play with online? Now you can use Facebook to help you. The whole process of how you connect with friends has been refined. Furthermore, enabling party chat involves fewer steps and will get you talking quicker.

These are just a handful of notable features in update 2.50, but there are many more you can catch over at the PlayStation Blog. All I ask Sony is, please may I be able to pay to change my PSN name? That is all.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]



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