Sony’s latest software update for the PlayStation 4 packs quite a few nifty features. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect the next time you boot up your PS4.

Appear Offline – If you’re in the middle of a movie, or simply wish to be left alone to focus on some solo gaming, you can now opt to appear offline. Goodbye world.


Friend Online Notification Now you have the ability to get notified when certain people arrive online, simply by making a pre-selection of the friends you play with the most. As soon as they log in, you’ll receive a notification straight away. Helpful if you want to boot up your daily session of COD as quickly as possible.

User Scheduled Events – Playing with friends is common place for most people, but getting everyone to play at the same time can sometimes be a chore. Now you can schedule user events to set up the time, game, and group of people you want to play with. Itching for that weekly game of BLOPS 3 and wish to get all your friends on the same page? This feature is right up your alley.


Play Together Easier – Whichever game you or your friends might be playing, if you’re in a party, you now have the option to join their game instantly. One click of a button and you’ll be transported into their session. Simples. 


Remote Play On Mac/PC – Quite possibly the biggest feature of update 3.50 is the ability to now play your PlayStation 4 remotely through your Apple Mac or Windows PC. Simply download the software here, plug in a DualShock 4 through USB, and prepare to game from the comfort of your work, bath tub, or anywhere else with a good wifi signal.

*Remote play is only supported on Mac software OS X 10.10 & 10.1 and on PC you’ll need Window 8.1 or 10. Sadly Windows 7 is unsupported.

Music Streaming Through USB – This feature was removed a while back, but has returned without being mentioned by Sony. Pop music onto a USB stick and feel free to stream music in-game without singing up to Spotify. Hoorah!

Disable Screenshot Notification – It’s silly to think that people needed more than an audio cue when taking a screenshot, but the addition of a small notification popping up after each capture was annoying. Now you can disable the pesky image, leaving you unrestricted to take multiple screenshots in a row, without the shot being ruined by a visual notification.

These are the biggest features introduced with 3.50, but the ability to change the name of your PSN ID still remains elusive. It’s a good start, but hopefully Sony will start ramping up their feature set furthermore later this year.

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