The hugely successful free-to-play tank simulator, World Of Tanks, is making its way onto the Xbox One, following its move onto the Xbox 360 last year. Thought its release isn’t quite pinned down yet, it is due out sometime in 2015.

Developers WarGaming feel confident with the Xbox One port , as the 360 version currently sits at an install base of over 5 million downloads across nearly 150 countries, showcasing a loyal and passionate fanbase.

World of Tanks on the Xbox will support cross-platform play so you can play against your friends on their Xbox 360 whilst you play your Xbox One. Because your progress on the 360 saves to your Xbox live, your hard earned progress transfers over to the Xbox One. This also means that you can play on both the 360 and the One and maintain your progress on one account.

Here’s the announcement trailer, exclusively available through IGN.

Stay tuned for more World of Tank news and we’ll see you on the battlefield, Tank Commander.

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