With Windows 10 being released on July 29th, there is one new feature that most gamers will be pretty excited about. You will now have the ability to stream your Xbox One games to your PC and tablets, as long as it’s running Windows 10.

The feature, which was announced back in January, gives you the opportunity to stream your game play all over your house, something which your family/house-mates may or may not be thankful for. Personally, I’m very excited for this feature, as it gives you a lot more freedom of choice to as which device you’d like to play on, and doesn’t limit you to just using a console.

That’s not the only cool new feature of Windows 10 that may entice console gamers however, there is also a new app that allows you to use party chat to talk to your Xbox One friends through your PC. Microsoft also haven’t let the PC gamers go unnoticed though, adding a new feature that gives you the ability to record the last 30 seconds of your gameplay, which is pretty helpful if you hit an awesome clip but you haven’t got another recording device set up.