Since I know and love Obsidian Entertainment for South Park, a tank game wasn’t what I was expecting them to do next. It’s no secret that alongside the likes of World of Tanks and War Thunder, Obsidian’s Armored Warfare has some glaring competition but after my demo I was left with the impression that it’s heading down a slightly different route to help set itself apart.

Compared to its biggest competitors Armored Warfare focuses on modern weapons and tank specifications. Also, instead of reenacting famous battles that have already occurred, you’re instead given different objectives from dealers on the battlefield. Each dealer will have his or her own background and narrative, leading to different tasks being given on each mission. The team have yet to decide on a campaign for the game, thought they reiterated that constant updates for missions would essentially fill in its future.

Before we started a four-player cooperative session, Obsidian’s representatives gave us a rundown of each tank class. Alongside your average ‘heavy-hitters’, I was made aware of one of the more challenging tanks to take control of, the Wiesel. Compared to your average-sized behemoth the Wiesel was almost one sixth of the size. It’s tiny. But with size comes speed, so I took it onto the war zone and zipped in and out of the shrubbery to avoid incoming fire. It was a challenge but it was also incredibly entertaining. Using my agility, I headed to each of the three ammo caches we had to destroy, completing the mission in one of their fastest playthroughs that day.

During my adventure I loved chipping away at enemy tanks whilst I circled them to avoid incoming fire. If they put one hit on me, I would’ve nearly been out of the game, but luckily enough my Wiesel rewarded my tactics and I managed to defeat one or two of the opposition alongside my teammates. Although you shouldn’t expect any wacky add-ons to your tanks, customisation will feature heavily and players will be able to upgrade every aspect of their vehicles. Whether it’s an armour set, gun type or camouflage, upgrading will often make for some comforting improvements, more armour anyone? Since the team are trying to be as authentic as possible the upgrades in the game will reflect their real-life counterparts, even if one of them were a prototyped feature in their production.

Closing Comments

From my small glimpse of Armored Warfare I did have a lot of fun blasting my way through tanks and zipping around in my Wiesel. I can’t help but feel, however, that amongst War Thunder and World of Tanks, Armored Warfare will have a hard time finding its much-needed traction. In the meantime I’m keeping my hopes high, crossing my fingers that Obsidian will be able to win their own war amongst the many other Tank simulators occupying the field.

Make sure you head over to the official AW site to sign up for the Beta.

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