Battlecry is a brand new IP from Battlecry studios.

This game is based in a world without gunpowder that, after the signing of a treaty entitled “The Black Powder Treaty”, is now littered with dedicated “Warzones”. Soldiers from each nation travel to these Warzones in order to fight for their country. The two nations we saw in action were the British Royal Marines and the Cossack Empire; fortunately I got to play as the Royal Marines.

Combat is fairly straight forward, as you use the left mouse button as your primary attack and the right as your secondary. In this instance I played as the Duellist, wielding two swords and being very nimble; my primary attack was a simple slash whereas my secondary was a lunge, which turned out to be a great way to shorten the distance between myself and the enemy and get within striking distance.

Each character has three special abilities available to them, using Q, E and F. As the Duellist I had the ability to cloak myself and get behind enemy lines, use a spiral teleport move that inflicted damage on passing enemies and form a thunderclap, which projected lightning at the designated target. There was also an ability called Adrenaline which builds up overtime based on how well you’re doing i.e. how many kills you get in a row. You can use Adrenaline as soon as you have some but if you wait until the meter is completely full you can power-up your character to the max and take on multiple enemies with ease. I unleashed my max Adrenaline a few times during the match and managed to kill at least five enemies by myself each time.

There were three classes presented to us at the hands-on demo, the Duellist, the Enforcer and the Tech-Archer. As I previously mentioned, the Duellist is a very nimble and agile character. The Enforcer uses brute strength to overcome his opponents and the Tech-Archer is a ranged character capable of picking off enemies at a distance. I managed to play as all three classes over the course of the demo and I can safely say that I enjoyed the Duellist the most, not only because I did well playing as her but due to her quick manoeuvres. The beauty of this game is unique, sporting a “painterly” aesthetic, which is very much a graphic, almost hand drawn, design. And boy does it look great!

Controlling your character is fairly straight forward. I was given the choice of either using the mouse & keyboard or an Xbox controller. I opted for the mouse & keyboard as I suspect I’ll be playing this game predominantly on PC. All the movement for the characters in Battlecry is extremely fluid, and getting around the map is a breeze. There are various grapple points located around the map which allow you to traverse up and down with ease. Jumping in midair will make your character perform an evade manoeuvre, another quick way to move around.

 Closing Comments

Battlecry reminds me a lot of Team Fortress 2 for all the right reasons and I am greatly look forward to it’s release, as I am with all the other great titles at E3, and hopefully I’ll be able to carry on my winning streak once the game is released!

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