Dark Souls 2 - Preview


Published by Matthew Evans (Additional Writer) October 3rd 2013

> PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (Previewed) > Release date - March 14th 2014 > Developer - From Software


> What did we play? - An epic battle with a Mirror Knight.


> Description in short - The successor to the insanely difficult Dark Souls.



Dark Souls 2 - Preview


To Kill a Mirror Knight


Dark Souls 2 continues the Souls’ series tradition of epic boss battles. The Mirror Knight is the first boss in Dark Souls’ gruesome sequel to be shown to people at conventions. It first made its appearance at E3, where the mainstream press got their hands on it. Only 1 person during the entire show felled the Mirror Knight. A few months later the same demo reached the Eurogamer Expo. I got my hands on it. I slayed the Mirror Knight. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


-What is the Mirror Knight?


The Mirror Knight stands a little taller and a little plumper than your character, fully armoured and looking nasty. One hand holds a great sword, far larger than most, the other holds a shield with a reflective front. He swings the sword with might and force. He sometimes lifts it in the air, an impromptu lightning rod, which then charges up to become even deadlier. It’s his shield that should worry you though. When not stabbing you, he plants the shield into the ground. The mirror starts cracking as a shadowy figure appears inside it. At first it appears to be your reflection, but oh no, it is far more sinister. Closer inspection reveals that this dark reflection is breaking out of the shield. Crack, crack, shatter. The dark figure escapes and suddenly you have two foes to fight.



-The Mirror Knight’s moveset


1.He leaps into the air slams on top of you. There’s a bit of splash damage upon landing.


2.He thrusts his sword forward and skewers you.


3.He performs a three hit combo. The first two swings are horizontal and the third is a thrust.


4.If you attack him from behind he will quickly stab his sword backwards into you. There’s almost no start-up with this attack so it can be very deadly.


5.He slams his shield on the ground and summons an enemy to fight alongside him.


6.He lifts his sword skywards and it is struck by lightning.


7.While lit up, he swings his sword in a 360 degree arc. With such a long range, it is dangerous to be anywhere near.


8.While lit up, he swings his sword in front of him and unleashes lightning bolts in a 45 degree either side from in front of him. These extend for almost the entire arena. There appears to be a lightning-free safe zone directly in front of him if you can dodge the sword swing itself.



-How to best the Mirror Knight


What I shall offer here is my method for slaying the Mirror Knight. It took me many attempts but finally he went down. When Dark Souls 2 actually launches and the scope of character customisation increases exponentially then there will no doubt be a better way to take him down. Until then, here’s what you want to do.

Choose the Warrior class to start with. He is armed with a powerful great sword of his own. You’ll want to two-hand this baby for optimal damage output, even though this means you have to forego a shield. Make use of that roll button, you’ll be needing it. Your normal two-handed attack is a vertical slice. Your heavy two-handed attack is a 360 degree horizontal swing. Both of these attacks are incredibly slow and therefore leave you open to attack if you time your attack wrong. Be careful.


Upon entering the fight the Mirror Knight will immediately launch his jumping attack at you. Simply run under him and then punish him by whacking him in the back. Make sure to keep your distance after every attack as blocking with a sword is far less effective than with a shield. Soon after, the Mirror Knight will summon an NPC enemy. This will take a fair few seconds. The Mirror Knight has an increased defence during this summon period so try to time your attacks to hit him just before and just after to maximise damage.



The NPC is worth ignoring for the most part as long as you don’t get pincered between him and the Mirror Knight. If you find an opportunity to attack him then do, just don’t make this your priority. If the Mirror Knight charges up his sword, do two things. Firstly, keep as far away from him as possible. Secondly, roll left or right continuously. This will keep you out of the way of any lightning bolts that could potentially be shot at you. The best time to attack the Mirror Knight is after he tries to attack you and you dodge roll left or right so that you are right next to him. If you are planning on using the heavy attack make sure you are on his right. He holds the shield in his left hand and therefore it is likely the attack will hit the shield rather than him, negating your attack to nothing. On the off chance that he does clip you, he does massive damage. Heal as soon as possible. I tried to play on 70% HP and his next attack killed me in one hit.



You should now be ready to best the Mirror Knight when Dark Souls 2 launches in March. Good luck.


Positives + and Negatives -


+ Same old Dark Souls difficulty.


+ The Mirror Knight is awesome.


- Still difficult for newcomers to adapt to.



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