Have you ever wondered what a game featuring space mining dwarves would look like? Well, wonder no more, because Deep Rock Galactic has you covered.

Built as a 4-player co-operative shooter, Deep Rock Galactic takes inspiration from the likes of Left 4 Dead and No Man’s Sky, focusing on space exploration as you work together to kill monsters, dig for valuable resources and, ultimately, become bad-ass dwarves in the process.

Currently the game is in closed alpha and presents the bare bone structure necessary to give players a taste of what the final vision will feel like. Recently a few of the Start Replay team banded together to give the game a try and whilst we have encountered a fair amount of game-breaking bugs (unsurprising for its current state), overall we ended up having an enjoyable time that pointed towards a promising future for the dwarven diggers.

Before starting a mission you must first pick between four character classes: Driller, Engineer, Gunner, and Scout.  As the names suggest each one is available to help serve a singular function: the Driller has a huge drill to dig through scenery at a quicker rate, the Engineer can shoot platforms and set up ziplines for hard-to-reach resources, the Gunner has a lot of firepower and, lastly, the Scout can help brighten any upcoming path with shootable flares.

The game’s environments are 100% procedurally generated and as a result it helps to provide a variation of terrain and tunnels to plough through. Although the amount of variation in this early build is limited, its developers (Ghost Ship Games) promise a much broader range of environmental styles in the final game.

So, what is the main aim of the game? In short: to collect as many precious material deposits as possible. When you land on a planet (or Hoxxe) you and your team will be required to mine deep into any given area. The further you progress the more veins of shiny, valuable resources you will comes across. Simply use your pickaxe to collect them before depositing your inventory into one collective stash of rare gems and gold.

At current Deep Rock Galactic offers very little when it comes to a mixture of gameplay modes, but at the very least Ghost Ship Games has formed a solid foundation to lay down a continuous amount of updates.


Closing Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed my taste of dwarf mining exploration and look forward to seeing how the game improves. If you don’t own a PC, you’ll be pleased to hear that the game is also headed to the Xbox One preview programme in 2018. Fingers crossed it will also make its way to PlayStation thereafter.

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