Originally intended as a PS4 launch title, Driveclub has certainly had a rocky development. Nearly seven months on since its original release date and I’m glad to say that the title is looking better than ever, both gameplay-wise and visually.

Driveclub shouldn’t be classed as your average racer. Whereas in most driving games where your main goal is to reach first place, in Driveclub it’s all about challenges and gaining more points than your opponents. Working together with your friends in a club is crucial, and thinking beyond first place will help you excel to a better ranking on the leaderboards.

Getting set up in a race, I decided to pick a super car and get ready to burn rubber. With the course already picked, I jumped into the race against several other players and waited patiently for the match to begin. With my last hands-on at the EurogamerExpo last September, I was expecting good things, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Almost immediately I could tell that the graphics have had a major overhaul. Playing at night, it was mesmerising to see the headlamps shine off of other drivers, and the dynamic weather effects made the course look stunning. I forget the exact course I participated on, but it was based through a mountain range, resulting in plenty of twists and turns on the track, that tested my ability to stay on the tarmac.

It’s fair to say that I’m not the best at driving games (unless you count Mario Kart) and as I picked up speed I drifted off onto the dirt and lost control several times. It was annoying, but the fact that I could make up for my mistakes by performing better on a certain stretch or corner than another driver, made up for my misfortune.

Another noticeable difference versus my last playthrough was the controls. Everything felt tighter and more robust, making my time around the course far more enjoyable than last time. Now I feel as though I might have a chance at perfecting drifts and racking up points.

Closing Comments

I couldn’t be happier to see that the delay to Driveclub has clearly been put to good use. With such a focus on the social aspect, allowing you full control over what you want to do, I can’t wait to gather my friends, form a club and work together to make ourselves known on the leaderboards.

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