Admit it. Whether you’re a child or an adult, LEGO offers fun for everyone. Screw the suggested age range. You know that replica of the Ghostbuster HQ was made for your mantle piece and that Millennium Falcon was basically crafted to hang from your living room ceiling.

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you are aware of TT Games and their enormous profile when it comes to LEGO video games. I mean, seriously, these guys don’t know when to stop making games about building blocks. With LEGO Worlds as their next big game, I was recently invited to an exclusive hands-on event in London.


From the off it’s clear that yes, LEGO Worlds is essentially a LEGO-ised version of ‘Minecraft’ with an added dash of ‘No Man’s Sky’, for good measure. You get to explore a selection of worlds that are procedurally generated and each feature a set of different biomes. At the beginning of the game you crash land on a planet and must salvage enough gold bricks to fix your spaceship before setting off (sound familiar?). There is a storyline present, but the main focus is creating and landscaping a world to your vision. You may think it’s trying to emulate Minecraft’s success, but LEGO has always stood tall as the original construction game.

During my short playthrough it was clear to see how much of an open canvas LEGO Worlds provides. I could level entire structures and start from scratch, or replicate any item I find within its world and place it elsewhere, instantly. I was also able to reassign any blocks’ properties by turning them into ice or slime, not only altering its composition but also changing its colour. You’re given complete control to piece together structures much like you would in real life, however in the virtual realm you can truly allow your creative juices to flow.

There were some examples given to me of user creations crafted during early access and as you’d expect, the level of community commitment and passion is outstanding. The future success of LEGO Worlds will depend highly on the amount of players who take to its universe.

Overall, TT Games look set to provide a blank canvas for LEGO fans and how well this canvas is utilised remains to be seen.

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