Making toys come to life through video games isn’t anything new, Skylanders started the trend and Disney Infiniti followed suit. Now though, it’s time for LEGO’s attempt to cram a bunch more plastic into your living room. Straight off the bat it’s clear that Traveller Tales’ LEGO Dimensions is poised to take your passion for building blocks by storm, with characters and worlds for a variety of tastes.

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As the name suggests, Dimensions takes you across multiple LEGO sets. Even characters you thought would never play alongside each another (Homer Simpson and Batman?) will collide in a wacky adventure, continued through expansion packs during its initial launch window and beyond.

Much like Skylanders and Disney Infiniti, Dimensions provides a plastic portal for players to place their figures on and interact with the digital world. The use of LEGO brings a high level of interaction to the set, as those starting off need to construct the portal themselves, which is neat. This extra peg of involvement makes perfect sense, particularly when you take in hand the ability to upgrade an individual character or vehicle by building onto them in the real world, all-the-while altering its in-game model, too.


Neatly presented in front of me stood a number of LEGO figurines including Batman, Doctor Who, Chell from Portal and Gandalf. A handful of vehicles were also present, allowing me to bring in the Batmobile, Delorean and Tardis. If I really wanted I could’ve had Gandalf controlling the Tardis, whilst Batman hops into the Delorean.

It’s utterly bizarre to have all these properties together, but through the complete chaos and mishmash of worlds it’s quite fascinating seeing it in action. The potential for future expansions is almost limitless, since anything that’s already a set of LEGO blocks could be used. Breaking Bad anyone? Of course I’d only see them going child friendly with future content, but you get my point.

My short demo was guided by one of the brand managers, who showcased to me a couple of different worlds, as well as how to utilise the power of extra characters through my plastic portal of power. The first level I entered focused on the world of Scooby-Doo, which certainly brought back childhood memories. 

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Aside from playing within the realm of Scooby and fiends, I also ventured into Valve’s Portal and strutted my stuff along the yellow brick road in Oz. The all-important plastic portal plays more of an integral role compared to other competitors, since its involved in puzzles and overcoming different obstacles.

During a couple of brain teasers I had to take note of each of the three segments on the base, placing figures on the correct coloured segments in order to progress. It personally got a little confusing, though I’m used to being unable to progress through games meant for children.

Closing Thoughts

I often wondered when we’d get a Back to the Future or The Simpsons LEGO game, but with Dimensions I can have my cake and eat it, too. That is unless I’m playing in the Portal segment, the cake isn’t real. Are you a fan of Skylanders and Disney Infiniti? Keep your eyes locked to this.

LEGO Dimensions will be released on September 29th in the UK for Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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