Amidst the madness of Gamescom I fuelled my rage with a little Mad Max, the next open world title from Avalanche studios.


Having made a mark for free roaming mayhem with the Just Cause series, Avalanche have been hard at work making a barren wasteland for Mad Max to call home. I initially saw this title during its E3 2013 unveiling, and I’m happy to see it alive and well to this day.

Unlike Rico in Just Cause, Max doesn’t fly helicopters – nor does he use a wing suit – which means making his car, the Magnum Opus, your power tool. After a rollicking cinema debut with Fury Road, it’s as good a time than ever for a grand gaming adventure.


As you’d expect, upgrading your car is a major part of Mad Max. From expanding its weaponry, to increasing armour and handling, consider your Magnum Opus a gem in the ever-expanding rough. Via a gradual continuation of upgrades throughout the campaign, you’ll get tougher, faster and more deadly.

During my fifteen minutes of fun, I had to destroy a handful of tankers attacking a stronghold. By ripping off the hatch on their tanks with my harpoon, I could then take my shot and cause a huge fireball in the process. It was mesmerising seeing such huge explosions, and it was classic Avalanche mayhem.


Aside from getting hands-on with the steering wheel, I also engaged in a bit of brutal combat. Much like any fighting mechanic these days, your main actions include attack, stun and counter. The higher your combo, the more insane your finishing move will be. Add boom sticks to the mix and you’ll have the chance to skewer enemies and follow up with an gut-wrenching explosion. Quite literally.

There aren’t any social features to Mad Max, and I feel as though it would’ve been cool to fend-off random online opponents in the sand. Then again, I’m glad that all the developer’s focus has been on the single player experience.

Closing Thoughts

My short time in the wastelands was fun, and the objective of upgrading my car and gathering all the scrap I can find, seems like an addictive one. I’m eager to see how full of life the open space will be, particularly after the campaign, but until then I’ll have to go mad waiting for it.

Mad Max is out on September 4th in the UK for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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