Recently, Start Replay were invited to the first hands-on event for OnRush, a brand new racing game from Codemasters. Below is a quick summary of our first impressions.

If there’s one thing I love about arcade-style racing games, it’s their care-free attitude and total disregard for realistic car mechanics. They don’t badger players with overly complicated controls or a steep learning curve, and OnRush is probably one of the most accessible and fun arcade racers I’ve played in a long time.

Most people will already be familiar with the basic concept of a competitive racing game: get to the finish line. OnRush doesn’t feature a finish line and instead, players blast their way around any of the game’s 12 gorgeous courses until their given objective is complete.

There are 4 race modes to compete in (Countdown, Overdrive, Lockdown & Switch) and each one presents players a unique task.

  • In Countdown, players must race through highlighted checkpoints before their timer runs out and hitting each point will add extra time; miss any checkpoint and your team could be the first to get booted.
  • Overdrive sets everyone the goal of filling their boost bar through any means necessary – pulling off stunts, taking down other players etc. Using any boost you’ve acquired will net your team points, simply be the first team to hit the target score. Activating Rush (the game’s signature blue-boost move) will rack up points at a quicker rate.
  • During Lockdown drivers must work in squads to capture designated mobile zones. Whichever team has the most vehicles in the selected zone, will receive points.
  • Switch gives every player 3 lives and after each death their vehicle class will change (there are 8 in total), last team standing wins.

Its competitive online multiplayer focuses on 6v6 (with added computer controlled bots to thicken up the crowd), plus there’s also a single-player campaign that can be played solo or with a friend.

As you’d expect, teamwork is the key to succeeding in OnRush. It’s a mental racing mash-up that’s been inspired by MotorStorm, Burnout, Rocket League and Overwatch (yes, even Overwatch has inspired the dev team), taking key points from each of those games and gelling them together to create something truly fresh and unique. Every match I played (of the handful) ended in nail-biting moments, followed swiftly by a large cheer from my teammates, or a burst of anger because victory was within inches of our grasp.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a lot of the development team handling OnRush are in fact ex-MotorStorm developers and, due to that fact, in my opinion the game couldn’t be in better hands.

Closing Thoughts

Despite my small exposure, I had a blast experiencing the adrenaline-fuelled action of OnRush. It’s a game I look forward to learning more about and I can’t wait to band up with my friends for online domination – hey, I can dream can’t I?!

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