The ending to a game must be hard to envisage, particularly if it’s being singled out and provided episodically. There has to be substance but also some kind of finality. With the ending episode to Revelations 2 I found it treading a razor’s edge, as it seemed to drag certain segments on for too long, and ended others rather abruptly.

After Claire and Moira reached the end of their journey towards the Overseer, anyone would expect something pretty substantial to happen, right? Instead, I was treated to a short piece of dialogue as I stood opposite Alex Wesker between a pane of glass. The next minute I know, she shoots herself in the head. With hints towards her looking to live on through a host – the body of which seemed to be Natalia’s – a self-destruct sequence was initiated and both Claire and Moira began their lengthy escape.


As I made my way down the facility, I raced against the clock and tried my best to avoid any mistakes. It took a few turns, but after using teamwork and getting rid of a few invisible enemies, the end was in sight. Before I knew it, though, Moira became trapped under falling rubble, and I was forced to leave her behind. I was then shown Claire being rushed through a hospital, with Barry at her side asking questions about Moira. Though he finds out that she didn’t make it, regardless of that fact, it appears he ventured to the island anyway in disbelief.

Episode four marked the shortest segment for Claire and Moira, presenting a lengthy escape and not much else. It was then time to wrap things up in a slightly longer, puzzle-centric mission, taking the lead of Barry and Natalia. Whereas at the end of episode three where Natalia was separated from Barry and left at the clutches of Alex Wesker, she escaped, but exactly how she managed to remained a mystery at first until the end.


I continued forward through an abandoned water facility, switching between Natalia and Barry in order to overcome certain obstacles. Having already been face-to-face with Wesker, my only concern was finishing her off and ending the nightmare once and for all. It took a while to work through the mazes that presented themselves, which included navigating underground tunnels amidst poisonous fog. It felt a little cumbersome at times, not knowing where to go and being pursued by enemies that I couldn’t fight to due a persistent lack of ammunition.

After re-routing a power station to disperse gas and accomplishing a couple of other tasks, I got the chance to dip into a bit of nostalgia. Out of nowhere I was in what appeared to be a mansion, bearing a striking resemblance to the first Resident Evil. Even though I was underground, I definitely felt like I was walking the halls of the Spencer Mansion, once more. There were even doors that were locked by a specific emblem-related key. It was bizarre, but made me feel right at home. It didn’t last long, however, and before I knew it I was heading toward the final boss fight.


Fighting Alex Wesker wasn’t the best boss I’ve encountered. I understood the need to not make it too easy, but I couldn’t help getting angry at my low ammo supplies. Her weak points were small, and alongside kick-back from guns, it became almost impossible to finish her off in a reasonable amount of time. I’m ashamed to say it, but I changed the difficulty in order to beat the final boss – I didn’t have the time to participate in its tedious nature. Finally, though, I managed to defeat her, and with Alex Wesker having made the transition from her body to Natalia’s, all of a sudden I was left with the credits. An abrupt end to say the least. Having said that, I unfortunately experienced the ‘bad’ ending, whereas if you’re lucky enough to get the better ending, Moira will return to save the day and there’s a much more satisfying conclusion. I’d have preferred to get just one ending. especially as the good one results in a longer boss fight and a lot more story being wrapped up.

Closing Thoughts 

The finale of Revelations 2 left me with mixed feelings. If I hadn’t have read up about the good ending, I wouldn’t have known that Natalia could be saved I wouldn’t have got the full picture. I feel a bit angry that Capcom could let this slip by most people quite easily, however, I had a good time playing through the ending episode nonetheless. If you haven’t purchased the full game, though, you’ll have to find this out by buying the extra episodes separately it separately.

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