So here we are, with the penultimate episode to Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Shortly into episode three, I felt closer to the series’ origins than ever before. With the introduction of classic puzzles and a slower pace, it feels as though this might be the right direction for Capcom to head, should they carry the trend with their definitive seventh title. It’s clear that the developers have tried their hardest to satisfy loyal followers of the series.


One of the first tasks I was given was to bypass a retinal scanner and find the correct solution to continue. As I moved through a derelict facility with numerous monsters to dispatch, I came across a room with two statues. Inside one of them was an eyeball, something that would prove useful to navigate the retinal scanner. The problem? As soon as I removed it, the ceiling – which was lined with spikes – started to collapse. I had to replace the eye to prevent my death.

However, next to the statue with the eye was a slightly taller figure, which had a key wrapped in barbed wire. Using my experience of playing older Resident Evil puzzles, I realised that I had to remove the eye and lower the ceiling until it broke the second statue. After that, I could replace the eye, collect the key and move on without a scratch. It felt old school, and more importantly, it felt like classic Resident Evil.


There were a few more puzzles that brought back memories, and at the end of Claire and Moira’s journey I was then faced with the obligatory sub-boss. Without spoiling the story too much, it appears someone I thought was a good friend, clearly wasn’t. It was then time to jump back on the Barry bandwagon and come face-to-face with Alex Wesker. In the final moments of episode two I had found out that the sister to infamous Albert Wesker was the Overseer, and she was looking a little worse for wear. Just when it seemed a huge boss fight was on the cards, in next to no time Natalia and Barry escaped her clutches.


For the rest of the episode I continued forward, retracing the steps taken by Claire and Moira and switching between Natalia and Barry as they worked together to open gates in the sewers. After using a fair bit of teamwork, I came to an abandoned quarry and my only chance of progressing was to get the power back on. Finding a power block was high on my list, and amidst killing a few enemies, I successfully restarted the power to an elevator and made it across the quarry. Shortly after, though, we came in contact once again with Alex Wesker. I left the episode with Natalia being separated from Barry, thought regardless of the impending threat Alex Wesker presented, it seems as though Natalia isn’t as helpless as first thought.

Closing Thoughts

Many twists and turns lay in episode three, and I love the fact I was given presented tasks bearing references to the original games. The puzzles were definitely the biggest highlight, and I hope the story can continue to surprise. Bring on episode four.

Make sure to catch our impressions of the final episode, when it releases on March 17th. My final verdict will then be given shortly after.

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