The following impressions contain details about episode two of Resident Evil Revelations 2, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, this is your chance to turn away.

And so the journey continues.

The last time I saw Claire and Moira they had sent a call for help, and Barry – Moira’s dad – was on his way to save her. Thing is, Barry’s entrance on the island is based six months (if I remember correctly) after Claire and Moira’s arrival, so it’s interesting to take the reigns of the girls first and then retread their path, finding out what’s changed during all that time.


In the first part of episode two Claire and Moira come across an abandoned town on the coastline of the island their stranded on. I didn’t detail this too much in my first impression piece, but a woman called ‘The Overseer’ is watching their every move, and has attached bracelets to them that change colour depending on your fear level. After meeting up with some colleagues of Claire’s, who have seemingly been put in the same position as her, my job was to find the necessary parts to get a nearby helicopter up and running. Before that, the Overseer told us that we were all infected with a virus, which only activates once our fear level raises above the thresh hold. Not your everyday common cold, then.

During my hunt for fuel and a battery I garnered the help of one of the team, ordering him to use his pneumatic drill to open blocked doors. Upon hearing the drill in the distance, I was immediately expecting a certain hessian-sack-covered enemy to start bumbling through a nearby door. My presumption wasn’t far off, however, as shortly after acquiring the equipment and being barricaded in a cabin, fear took over our friend with the drill, and we then had a heavy-handed monster to take care off. In typical fashion, my best bet for defeating this monstrosity was to aim for his glowing puss-bubbles; dealing large amounts of damage and ultimately taking him out. Instead, due to low ammo, I decided to run, and with the arrival of yet another colleague, we managed to escape and leave behind mr driller.


Soon after escaping and encountering a handful of zombie pigs (yeah), Moira and I were once again left alone to fend for ourselves. In a bizarre twist, I ended up meeting Natalia and she joined up with Claire and Moira on their journey. Seeing as though her last words with Barry in episode one were that his daughter was dead, makes me intrigued as to how Natalia is still alive, and how her story fits into both sections. Is she a ghost? Who the heck knows, but I’m determined to find out. One great oaf of a zombie later, part one of my journey was complete and the switch over to Barry began.

I’m currently enjoying my time more with Barry than I am Claire and Moira. He runs faster, doesn’t feel sluggish and can get the job done, given he has enough ammo. I think Capcom has intentionally treaded a fine line to make you feel hard-pushed for bullets at every turn. Pushing through the areas already covered by Claire and his daughter, I met an invisible enemy (why, Capcom, WHY?!), and got to fight yet another man with angry-drill syndrome.


Thing is, this time I had to kill him and take his drill in order to proceed – no running away this time. It wasn’t all shoot, shoot, bang, bang. I did manage to get quite a few stealth kills in amongst the bubbling, two-headed, backwards fumbling monsters. It was nice to at least pretend to be stealthy at times, on the rare occasion I could be. At the end of Barry’s leg of the journey, I was confronted by none other than the sister of the infamous Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker.

Closing Comments

At the moment we’re technically (barring the additional add-ons), halfway through the campaign. There are only two episodes left, and I’m eager to find out where the hell it’s going to lead next. I must say, though, it’s nice to see a familiar, albeit slightly disfigured face back in the mix.

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