The first day of E3 brought with it a lovely meeting with our friend Frazer Nash, head of UK PR for War Gaming. He began in his usual bubbly way talking about Warships and proceeded to show us a pre-alpha demo.

The demo consisted of a small naval battle. Playing the game you assume control of one battle ship or cruiser, from this ship you can control your fleet and 3 planes. You are able to direct these vessels and planes on alternate courses in order to find the enemy fleet. The objective of the game is to, quite simply, destroy the enemy ships. There is also a time limit, so if the time runs out the team with the most amount of intact ships left will win.

Each ship, like World of Tanks, is historically accurate when it comes to details such as the armour and weaponry. For example, we were shown a typical Japanese cruiser which, at the time, had a great set of weaponry and was more nimble than other cruisers but lacked strong armour therefore making it more vulnerable to attacks.

In terms of weaponry the cruiser had access to torpedoes and missiles. Missiles were used at long range to hit ships whereas the torpedoes were more effective at a slightly closer distance. Both of these weapons required you to predict where the enemy ships vessels were going to be.

Closing Comments

Warships looks like it will be another brilliant game from War Gaming, with great visuals, engaging gameplay and a whole host of historic vessels to choose from. It seems as though they’ve hit the jackpot again.

But there’s more…

After we saw the demo Frazer jumped up and almost exploded with excitement at his next announcement which he claimed to be “the coolest shit you will ever see”.
Interested? Then check out the trailer below…

That’s right! Tanks and football! What better way to celebrate the World Cup than playing a cheeky game of football with your friends. In tanks.

This game mode is only available over the World Cup period so get your hands on it while you can!

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