140 | Review
140 is a small game, but one that features smart minimalistic platforming accompanied by a great soundtrack.
The Good
  • + Well crafted level design that requires spot-on reflexes
  • + Fantastic electronic soundtrack
The Bad
  • - 3 levels feel a little short
70%"Good Fun"

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Start Replay: “Up The Tempo”


Before a week ago, I’d never even heard of 140. I was surprised too, since it arrived via the incredibly talented bunch over at Double Fine; the makers of Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Grim Fandango. However, in comparison to the studio’s more triple A offerings, 140 is more similar to that of an ‘indie’ title; developed on an incredibly small scale and offering a unique, pint-sized experience.


When I first clapped eyes on 140 I immediately likened it to ‘Sound Shapes’ on the PlayStation Vita. It’s a side-scrolling platformer which tasks you as a small square, allowing you to roll left and right whilst you traverse levels in search of musical orbs. Acquiring more orbs and returning them to designated points will enhance the music that plays in the background; its electronic harmony will start off with a basic beat, before gradually leading up to become a fully-fledged piece of music.


Its a basic concept which is made challenging by smart level design – this isn’t a surprise, given its creator was the lead level designer on the critically acclaimed LIMBO. Jumping across moving platforms (all of which operate to the beat of the level) get quite tricky the further you get, in total there are 3 levels. You almost have to become one with the music, losing yourself within the electronic landscape of transcendent tunes. I’m a big fan of electronic music, so felt right at home.

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