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Mad Fellows has built an exhilarating rhythm experience that successfully mixes music with games in a truly unique way. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to lose themselves within snappy electronic music, since Aaero is underpinned by a brilliant tracklist and gorgeous, eye-popping visuals.
75%"Good Fun"

Aaero is a rail-rhythm-shooter that perfectly blends together a stellar selection of music with controls that are simple, yet devilishly difficult to master. Its development has been handled by Mad Fellows, a micro-studio that’s based in the UK and comprises of just two people. In comparison to other rhythm games (which often present a combination of complicated button sequences) the concept of Aaero is both incredibly basic and utterly engrossing: take hold of a spaceship and guide it across a predetermined path onto oncoming ribbons of light. These ribbons represent the core of any musical track and if you fail to stick to them, then the music will wither away and your ship will eventually explode.

In addition to maintaining the rhythm, you also have to deal with enemies swarming onto the screen. Your right analogue stick controls your ship’s weapon and hovering its cursor over an enemy will allow it to lock-on up to eight threats simultaneously. Simply press the right trigger to fire your lasers – it’s that simple.

Aaero’s gameplay features a ton of underlying subtleties, including the ability to fire your laser quicker and thus, receive a higher score, simply through shooting your enemies in time to the musical beat. In total there are 15 levels to complete and each one features two difficulty tiers to unlock: advanced and master.

On the whole, I’m a big fan of Aaero. Its gameplay allowed me to feel a close connection to the music and as a result, I lost myself within its trance-inducing rhythm. The fact that it was built by just two people is a testament to their talent and I look forward to any future plans the pair might have for Aaero. Personally, I’d love to see additional support for virtual reality platforms as I think, with a few adjustments, this game would make a perfect fit.

If you like the idea of a rhythm action game with stylish art design and heart-pumping music, then I would recommend you pick up Aaero, immediately.

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