Advanced Warfare | Havoc DLC Pack Review
The Good
  • + The new energy rifle kicks a punch
  • + Zombies still rule
  • + Nice mixture of online maps
The Bad
  • - More environmental changes to maps online would be nice

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After playing Advanced Warfare’s first DLC pack, Havoc, I can safely say that it’s the zombies that win over my heart. Even with four new multiplayer maps and a new gun, they don’t have anything on endless waves of the undead. Having said that, I’ll go ahead and give you a full overview.

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Havoc contains four new maps: Sideshow, Core, Urban and Drift, alongside the AE4 energy rifle and it’s variant the AE4-WIDOWMAKER. Each new area has its own unique style and caters to a range of different play styles. With Sideshow you’re given a relatively small area located in the Rocky’s, with buildings in the middle and railway cars dotted around the outside. There’s also a large Clown billboard in the centre of the map that has the ability to shoot out large bombs that can be picked up and thrown. With Drift you’re set in the middle of an alpine resort, complete with a blanket of snow to make you go ‘oooooh’ whenever you look at your surroundings. In the middle of the map there’s also a merry-go-round, which can come in useful should you want to setup with friends and use teamwork to rule the maps’ centre.

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare_20150308231635

Next up is Core, which presents a complex maze of piping and can lead to some pretty hectic firefights. With a few spots to rest up and snipe from, I wish I could say that I was always on my guard against enemies prepped in their scope, but sadly I wasn’t most of the time. As for Urban, I’d mark it as the smallest of the maps, that will make you stay on your toes amongst the tight spaces. With spawn locations usual marked for one of the buildings located either end, I often found myself rushing to the middle and meeting everyone in one spot. As expected, this didn’t turn out well, particularly as every was equipping the newly added AE4 rifle and it’s variant the AE4-WIDOWMAKER. With the high-energy rifle in the mitts of most players across the Havoc playlist, you can be sure that a concentrated burst will be headed your way soon rather than later. I only played with the weapon a few times, but had fun rapidly firing at anyone unfortunate enough to cross my path.

Despite the extra maps, the jewel in the crown has to be Exo Zombies. It’s been a good two years since I met hordes of the undead, and Sledgehammer seems to have given the mode a breath of fresh air. Of course there’s yet another list of (mostly) A-list celebrities, with John Malkovich, Jon Berthal, Bill Paxton and Rose Mcgowan all taking their respective spots to fend-off endless waves of zombies. Story-wise, Atlas unleashes a DNA bio-weapon and finds out that it also infects people to bring them back from the dead.

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Instead of definitive progression through certain objectives, the basic goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. As expected, in next to no time the quantity of zombies quickly ramps up, and you’ll have to work together with your team if you want to stay alive. Bonus boosters return and give you the chance to obtain insta-kill, double points and wipe out every enemy spawned on the map. I couldn’t help but feel the rush as I acquired upgrades to my weapons and once again found the mystery box – this time being presented as a 3D printer – crossing my fingers I’d receive something awesome.

There are quite a few variants of zombies, including the return of infected dogs, and you’ll also need to keep from being infected. If you do become infected, then you’ll have to reach a specific area to fend the virus off. If you go down, make sure to locate where you died to find your tomb stone and regain all of your equipment. I still love zombies, but wish that there was a more objective-based system in place, similar to Call of Duty Ghost’s alien campaign add-on. Perhaps in the future we’ll get an entire campaign focusing on zombies?


I really dug how Sledgehammer have took on zombies. With a great style of futuristic tech meets more advanced exo-enabled hordes of the undead, there’s something appealing about mowing down enemies with high-energy rifles. As for the extra maps and the weapons, I think anyone who spends enough time online with their friends, will enjoy them no matter what. As for me, I’ll be glued to what comes next in zombies and how far I might be able to make it on the next section of DLC.

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