Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations | Review
The Good
  • + Recreates the show perfectly
  • + Stellar voice cast
  • + Enjoyable gameplay
The Bad
  • - Repetitive combat
  • - Annoying music
70%"Good Fun"

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Start Replay: “Adventure Time”

If, like me, you’re an Adventure Time fan then as soon as you start up Finn & Jake Investigations and hear the Adventure Time music, you know you’re in for a good time. Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is an action adventure video game in which you take on the role of both Finn and his brother Jake, travelling through a series of adventures featuring combat and puzzles all-the-while backed up by the show’s signature humour.


When you get started in the game you are given the chance to undertake a few tutorials, courtesy of a nice little character called Cuber who directly talks to the player. Cuber’s funny dialect and fun personality makes the fairly dull tutorials worthwhile. You soon realise that the game has a vast array of characters from the show that all seem to be fully-voiced by their respected voice actors. This alone is enough to fully immerse you into the game world without even mentioning the carefully crafted environments that stay true to their TV counterparts.

The story itself isn’t going to win any awards but that’s not what you expect from a cartoon show, let alone a video game based on a cartoon show. The plot line contains a nice little set up revolving around Finn and Jake finding a ‘tickertype’ and using this to become detectives like their parents.


Combat is fun at first but can become repetitive after a while, luckily this is not the focus of the game. The controls are fairly simple with a standard attack and dodge operating on just 2 buttons. However, if you avoid being hit, you eventually gain a special double team ability to use with your brother Jake. My favourite was the “Jake bodysuit”, in which Jake forms a type of power armour around Jake.


The investigations you undertake usually come in the form of puzzles and these can range from gathering various forms of evidence to proving a friends’ innocence, or figuring out how to remove a group of bad guys from their hideout. This somehow manages to feel similar to other detective games such as LA Noir to some degree, only on a much more light hearted scale.


Funnily enough, despite its age range, I did struggle to solve some mysteries and had to resort to selecting different answers randomly each time when explaining a mystery to Princess Bubblegum, as my answers (which I believed to make perfect sense) were proven wrong regardless how little sense the correct answers made. Other than a slightly repetitive combat system and frustrating mysteries I could not find many other negatives with Jake and Finn’s investigations. I didn’t like the music choices though, as I felt they would have been more suited in a PlayStation 1 game than a PlayStation 4 Adventure Time game.



I would highly recommend Jake and Finn investigations to fans of the show who are looking for a decent way to kill some time. It does a great job of recreating the show and it does often feel like you are just watching an episode of Adventure Time. It also provided me with a kind of nostalgic throwback to the action adventure games of the late PS1/early PS2 era. I don’ know whether this was down to the music, gameplay or art style but it was a quaint little surprise.



*Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by Little Orbit

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