Assassin's Creed Origins | Review
Origins is quite simply the best Assassin’s Creed game to date. Everything from its controls to the rich atmosphere it presents feels as though it has reached new heights in Origins and, in my opinion, this title sets the bar for the future of the series.

What is it?

After taking a 2 year hiatus Assassin’s Creed has returned and this time Ancient Egypt is the designated location. Get ready to embark on another adventure that explores the centuries-long conflict between The Order of the Ancients and the Brotherhood of Assassins.

Is it any good?

Assassin’s Creed Origins is by far my favourite entry in the series to date. Its lush Egyptian setting is a treat to explore and the gigantic world map is crawling with activities. Whether you’re partaking in story missions, hunting down wild animals or simply taking in the sights, there’s a lot on offer. The sheer scope of the in-game map is boggling and I quickly became giddy at the prospect of seeing it all for myself.

Origins marks the series’ tenth anniversary and with a decade of titles to draw from, it seems fitting to see this latest iteration push the boundaries of what is possible and set the bar for the next generation. Similarly to previous entries, you can approach mission objectives from any angle you see fit and experimenting with different play styles, alongside placing ability points into a skill tree to aid your progression, is a lot of fun. It also looks beautiful and using the in-game camera will allow you to capture some stunning shots.

Anything bad to report?

Whilst I eventually ended up enjoying the game’s new combat system, I initially missed the simple pre-constructed animation system that had come before. This time fighting enemies requires a bit more thought than pressing a trifecta of buttons that hit, counter and block.

When it comes to technical issues I’d consider Origins to be the least buggy Assassin’s Creed game, however it still packs a fair few breaks and pains to muddle the experience at times. Anything from enemies glitching into the scenery to sound issues were present, but luckily no game-breaking bugs ruined my play through.

Should you buy it?

If you quickly grew tired of Assassin’s Creed after its long stretch of annual instalments, I’d strongly suggest you return with fresh eyes and experience the rich world that Origins has to offer.

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