I first played Battlefield 4 at Gamescom 2013, and aside from the immensely long queues, for me it was by far the best game there. Before every game there was about a 5 minute long video which just took you through the dynamics of the game, highlighting on the ‘levolution’ side of things, and since the map we were playing was Parcel Storm, was an awesome feature to experience. As all the weapons were unlocked, Joel and I decided to have a play around with pretty much everything, though I mainly focused on the Assault class. This also led me to realise that sniping really isn’t my strong point, though does feel very satisfying when you get the kill. Surprisingly I came top of the team, and received a €10 off voucher for battlefield 4 premium. Even though I kind of came top of the losing team..moving on…

Even though I really have not played much of the campaign (I’ve been too addicted to the multiplayer), what I have seen of it looks fairly strong, although as quoted by my dad “it’s not quite as good has COD storylines”, makes me question that slightly. But anyhow, if anything comes close to Black Ops 1 in my opinion, it’s a freaking good game. The multiplayer side is the area I’m more interested in, and honestly, I have been pretty blown away.

Lets start of with the game style. I actually own both the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game, so get to experience the massively manic 64 player games, as well as chill out in slightly less crazy 32 and 24 player matches. The variation of game styles is great, and where as on COD I used to find myself heading towards plain Team Deathmatches, I actually don’t think I’ve played that game type once on BF4. Conquest and Rush are undoubtedly my favourite, the feeling of playing Rush lives up to it’s title, and conquest is great when you’ve got a full squad, and want to play a bit more tactically. Obliteration is another favourite, however it can get a little tedious when playing in those huge 64 player matches. Trust me, if you’re looking for a quick match to just de-stress, this isn’t the game type for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the levolutions throughout each map really help bring the game to life, my favourite probably being the building collapse on Siege Of Shanghai. My only problem is not being able to run all settings on high, due to my computer components and not being able to upgrade these easily. This means I can only really safely run my game on medium settings, but I guess this game is probably aiming more towards higher end PC gamers, not someone running Windows on their Mac. Saying this, I don’t generally have to run many games on low settings, so this is kind of where I do sway towards the console version more.

Battlepacks are such a great introduction to the game, and it gives you much more of an incentive, rather than just to robotically play and level up. Honestly I do think they are ever so slightly biased though, seeing as Joel will get a huge XP boost every time he opens one, and I’ll get a measly scope…

But really, after purchasing the humble bundle back in summer 2013 and playing Battlefield 3, you really can’t fault the progression between games. Yes, as much as I love Call Of Duty, I think we can all admit that there really hasn’t been much advancement between each game in the past few years. But honestly, I really don’t think I could go back to BF3 now. The maps are more dynamic, more adaptable and I feel just much more fun to play on as a team. It runs a lot more smoothly on PC, and it just feels kind of … right to play on a console now. The Easter Egg of the dinosaur roar just tops it off really, although I did believe it was going to be a Megalodon in Paracel Storm. The theories behind were very convincing, you’ve got to admit.

Overall I’m going to give Battlefield 4 multiplayer 85% out of 100, simply because there were a fair few bugs in the beginning, and patches that didn’t really do anything to fix them at first. But really, if you’re sick of the same old generic first person shooters, then I’d heavily recommend this to you.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Review
Despite its flaws, the core aspects of Battlefield 4 make it very enjoyable game that I would definitely recommend.
  • + Squad play makes for great teamwork
  • + Stunning graphics
  • + Destructible environment
  • - Some glitches still present
  • - Load times occasionally slow

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