Start Replay: “Spit n’ Polish”

If you haven’t played Beyond: Two Souls then click here for my original review. If, however, you wish to know whether this rehash warrants a second purchase, read on…

If there’s one thing 2015 was full of, it’s re-releases. I’m not opposed to getting a second copy of a game I enjoyed before, more often than not replaying one of my favourite titles with a little polish makes the experience much smoother, though it isn’t until I look back at the original that I fully understand the upgrades that have been implemented.

Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls originally launched in October 2013, but two years on and the studio has freshened up its repertoire. Adding Beyond to the PS4 is a big bonus for those who missed out on PS3. The title released just weeks before the new generation of consoles, and as such, ended up losing a lot of coverage. I guess you could argue why the game wasn’t simply made available through PlayStation Now, but personally I’m happy with the decision to give it a slight makeover.

Most of the enhancements are purely cosmetic, but players now have the ability to play the game in chronological order. Instead of zipping from different time periods, this feature gives the game a different pacing and actually results in some segments fitting in a bit better. Lastly are the graphical touch ups which aren’t major by any means, but offer a cleaner and more engaging visual flare. This game was the PlayStation 3 to its limits, but giving it a coat of PS4 paint means everything is a little smoother and even more realistic.


It’s a no-brainer that if you haven’t played this before, now is the perfect opportunity. If you have then purchasing it again will rely wholly on your previous experience. Did you enjoy it? It’s digital-only and fairly priced, give it a shot if you’re a newcomer.



*Beyond: Two Souls “Remastered” was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by Sony


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