The Bioshock Collection | Review
This refined collection of games is one of the rare instances I’d recommend diving back into a remaster. The atmosphere of each game still holds up, and the dark beauty of each title is amplified by its touched up and remodelled looks.
The Good
  • + All three games still hold up today
  • + Refinements help by increasing each games’ unnerving atmosphere
  • + Behind-the-scenes videos
The Bad
  • - Multiplayer from Bioshock 2 is not present, not the biggest loss, but still a loss

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Start Replay: “Still A Fantastic Trio Of Games”


The original Bioshock still stands as one of my all-time favourite video games.

As well as presenting a beautifully grim underwater utopia, its rich atmosphere and compelling story kept me engaged, and at times, joyfully on edge. I still remember the first time I clapped eyes on the game; water sprung from cracks in its run down, yet gorgeously grimy environments, and its nostalgic mix of music from the early 1900s was both comforting and unnerving. Whilst I don’t hold Bioshock 2 to such a high regard, mainly because it felt more like a rehash with an unnecessary bolted-on multiplayer mode, its third game brought the series back to form.

As is the case with any game opting to re-release with a few bells and whistles, The Bioshock Collection pumps out 60 frames per second to a resolution of 1080p. This results in a much more fluid experience and helps squeeze more onto the screen in a neater, sharper presentation. Beyond adding the same fluff every other remaster tends to, this collection also goes one step further by adding higher resolution textures and much better lighting. It’s hard to fully realise how much nicer this remaster looks across all three games, after all, a remaster will always represent the original in your mind, not the glitzy remake. Unless you place both versions next to each other it’s incredibly tricky to appreciate the newer version.

Before hunkering down with the retail release I initially thought this collection was a poor attempt to grab money from long term fans. Luckily after further inspection and dusting off the originals, I can now see I was wrong to assume such a thing. Bar Bioshock Infinite, which has simply had its high specced PC version come to consoles, the first two games have received dramatic improvements; everything looks even more gorgeous than it did before. In most cases items in-game have been entirely remodelled to add a bit more zest to your surroundings. As expected all downloadable content across all three titles is included, and behind-the-scenes videos can be accessed by discovering golden film reels hidden throughout each title.

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