So, on the 16th of May the second DLC for Black Ops II was released for PC and, more importantly, PS3. I’ve been excited for this ever since Treyarch announced that they’d be bringing out more DLC. This pack consists yet again of four new multiplayer maps, as well as a brand new addition to zombies. Let’s begin shall we?


Map 1 – Encore is the London based rock arena map. In the centre of the map is the stage, a great place to hold and defend with your teammates but be weary, underneath is a tunnel that can give the enemy a cheeky way to slip by your defences and gain extra kills. On the western side of the map is a long curving walk way, any long range weapons, such as the FAL OSW or SMR, will dominate down here. Again there are ways to cut into this walkway via a stairway and through a window. The room that is backed onto this walkway can give snipers an excellent place to attack the stage without being killed too easily. Round to the eastern side of the map we have the entrance to the tunnel that leads under the stage, it is also a route to take if you plan to flank the enemy and access the building at the northern end of the walkway. This is a great map to play objective based games on and provides lovely views of the London Eye and the BT Tower.


Map 2 – Being my least favourite of the Uprising maps I might struggle to mention any good points, but I will try. This map is based in Japan and is located at the base of a recently erupted volcano. As the name suggests there are indeed magma flows throughout the map. This is another dynamic element which Treyarch have been trying to implement in these DLC packs. Down the middle of the map is a crumbling bridge and a path that leads underneath it. Like most maps this is where the B flag for Domination is situated and one of the harder places to keep on lock down. Cars, windows and barely-intact walls offer cover here but be careful, make sure the cars are already exploded unless you want a quick and easy death. To the east there is a futuristic train station with a destroyed carriage linking the bridge and this area. On the western side of the map is a simple walkway with cover in the way of walls and cars. In between these three routes are various buildings to stake out in but with multiple entrances so don’t get killed from behind!


Map 3 – This map is played entirely upon the roof of a skyscraper with dangerous drops on all sides. At the south is a helipad and an entrance into the main building via automatic sliding doors. Use these to your advantage, you’ll know an enemy is coming before you see them if the doors open and no one else is around. At the east and west ends of the map are a couple of small buildings to provide cover. Again there are some sneaky ways to get behind the enemy, at the eastern end of the map is a slightly lowered area which allows you to drop down and walk right behind the enemy. Make sure you have this place defended lest it happen to you! The central building links up each side of the map and is a hell hole of fire fights, if you’re on a high streak try not to venture in there.


Map 4 – Studio is by far my favourite of the DLC maps; this is because it is an exact replica of the original Black Ops map “Firing Range”. If you ever played the first Black Ops then you’ll know that it is a fantastic map laid out perfectly. This version is entirely re-skinned with a movie set theme. Dinosaurs, pirates, Wild West and medieval themes feature prominently in various places around the map. Teams spawn in the west and north east of the map fighting for control of the central fort. This central fort is the medieval section of the map and provides vantage points across a wide range of the map. Next to it is a tower which, if used correctly, can grant your team the victory. With many places for cover and a great texture to it this map is, as I said, my favourite and excellent fun to play on.

Mob of the Dead

Mob of the Dead is the brand new zombies mode introduced in this DLC pack. In some ways it is more of a zombies story mode with four prisoners trying to escape from Alcatraz, the only hurdle stopping them is a blood hungry horde of the un-dead. The general aim of the game is to collect the five pieces of a plane, assemble it and fly away, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A new element has been brought to this game, titled Afterlife, it allows the player to enter an out-of-body mode which grants them electric powers. These gifts are used to power various features of the map such as perk machines and the gondola. It also means that if the zombies overwhelm you and you go down, you can simply revive yourself and continue playing. Be warned though, if you willingly enter Afterlife, via power control units on the wall, you keep your perks, but if the zombies kill you and you unwillingly enter Afterlife you will lose all your perks. There are also other parts you can collect along the way, these will help you build the Acid Gat Kit and the Zombie Shield. Once again the weapon box is featured in this map although can be somewhat trickier to find. There are also five perks, Juggernaut, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Deadshot Daiquiri and a new perk called Electric Cherry. This perk sends out a small electric shockwave whenever you reload, quite useful when swarmed by zombies. Mob of the Dead is an insanely hard map but truly amazing. If you haven’t already make sure you pick it up and give it a go, preferably with friends, makes everything that little bit easier.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Uprising DLC) Review
All in all these maps offer a wide variety of play styles and are extremely visually appealing. It’s nice to see Treyarch pushing the boundaries with its Zombies mode and I can’t wait to see what they do with the next generation. For a second DLC pack, this is an awesome continuation.
  • + Great choice of maps
  • + New zombie mode is brilliant
  • - Some parts of the maps are still a bit boring and not 'ground-breaking'
  • - Would’ve been nice to see another piece of weapon DLC

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