Whether you love or hate her, in my opinion Tiny Tina is one of the best characters in Borderlands 2. For those who have already played the campaign extensively, I presume you’ll have a fair idea of your feelings towards the character, as her initial impressions are rather strong. First of all she’s a bit of a nut case, spouting abusive language by the bucket load, and if you’re lucky, she won’t blow you up on your first encounter. Add to that she’s also in her early teens and you’ll either find her lovingly crazy or extremely offensive. But luckily most people think she’s the best part of Borderlands. Next to Claptrap of course, there’s always love for a dumb ass robot. We don’t mean that literally, but we dread to think what an ‘Ass Robot’ might look like, but that’s beside the point, so lets continue.  

Best of the bunch

After three pieces of extra campaign content it appears as though Gearbox left the best for last, as Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is easily the best thing to happen to the series. If you’ve already checked out my preview then you’ll have the basic premise locked down. But for those who don’t know then I’ll explain a little bit more. In simple terms this is much more ‘fantasy’ based than any other content seen before, as you’re trapped within Tina’s alternate version of Dungeons & Dragons – called Bunkers & Badasses – playing the board game with Brick, Mordecai and Lilith. From the start of the game, you’re pit on the board and play through the world of Pandora, while Tiny Tina narrates your surroundings and changes each aspect along the way; characters, quests, enemies and difficulty.

Without a doubt the game is a parody of itself, as Tina brings people back from the dead, challenges you with bosses that are impossible to beat and crafts ridiculous quests – which is arguably the best part. Instead of starting with a new character class, I continued to play as my level forty-four ‘Assassin’ class and battled through countless Orcs, Demons, Knights and Wizards. In terms of the story, you’re main task is to save the kingdom from evil and rescue the princess in the castle – typical right? Funnily enough though, Handsome Jack returns as well, because as this is coming direct from Tiny Tina’s head, anything is possible! Though now he’s known as the Handsome Sorcerer and aims to put a stop to your gallivanting through Dragon Keep.

“A knight of justice and cupcakes and stuff”

As I said earlier, the quests you embark on are easily one of the best parts, as they change constantly and are always kept fresh. One in particular, tasked me with finding the Dwarven King and forging allies with him. Though as soon as I arrived at his location, Brick decided to change the rules and instead tasked me with punching him. This resulted with the King exploding into bits, therefore causing all Dwarven forces to put up heavy resistance. They may look small and cute, with their puffy beards and shiny armour, but they pack a hell of a punch, so be careful! This story also brings back Roland, as Tiny Tina has yet to come to terms with his death and keeps him in the game to help you out. Here he’s presented as the white knight and as you’d expect, given Roland’s ethnicity, paves the way for many jokes ahead. By the way, have you maxed out the space of your inventory and are left with too much Eridium? Then you’ll be happy to learn that there are countless extras to fritter your precious stash of Purple cash. The main bonus being small boosters within your environment, letting you pay 2 Eridium for the likes of a damage increase, quicker shield regeneration and even ammo replenishments – these last for a around a minute before depleting.

Happy Ending?

Dragon Keep also contains a healthy amount of content, with many things to accomplish even after the main story is completed – get five Dwarves drunk, for instance. All in all you’ll probably complete the story in about 4-5 hours, but that depends on your equipment and whether you play online. The only sticking point would probably have to be the fact that it’s still going to take a bit of level grinding, should you want to have a relatively easy journey. Add the fact that if you die whilst fighting a boss, its health fully regenerates, which is often painful at times, should you get low on ammo or money. However in this instance I’d suggest seeking out some other players online, in order to make your journey that ‘little’ bit easier.

Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC) Review
Tina’s fantasy centric campaign is Borderlands at its best, because not only does it leave the team to create an absolutely bat crap crazy story, but it also gives them more creative freedom with enemies as well as quests. When a third game finally does show its face, I hope the team take more of what they’ve learned in Dragon Keep and move it to the next level. How the next level may further what’s already been done, I’ll leave that to the professionals. In the meantime however, Borderlands 2 is getting a further level cap increase and some more challenges, which means there’ll be plenty to keep you busy until Gearbox decide to let us in on the next big title. As Tina would say, “Roll for initiative sucka’s!”.
  • + Fantasy setting makes for some excellent quests
  • + Tiny Tina’s narration is genius
  • + Full of humour
  • - Sometimes punishing difficulty depending on your character class and experience

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