Burnout Paradise Remastered | Review
Burnout Paradise Remastered offers a great chance for newcomers to experience the mental metal shredding action of the Burnout series and ties together a stuffed package of content at a sweet price as well.

What is it?

A remastered version of 2008’s Burnout Paradise revamped to showcase 4K graphics, run at 60 frames per second and include all previously released downloadable content. Pick between 150 vehicles and shred metal with up to eight friends or solo, blazing to the backdrop of a pumping playlist of songs.

Burn rubber in this chaotic racer and complete a variety of challenges across its vast open-world; the ultimate playground for racers with a penchant for destruction.

Is it any good?

In my opinion, Burnout is one of the best racing series to date and being treated to a remastered version of Burnout Paradise is a brilliant move by its publisher to get more people on the bandwagon. Racing at high speeds and crashing into other vehicles in spectacular fashion never gets old – doing the same online with friends is just as thrilling.

The main aim is to level up your driving license by completing a number of activities and there’s a variety of races and challenges tucked away into every corner of Paradise City. Even when you’re not taking down other drivers or racking up points by pulling off wild stunts, exploring the city and its surroundings is just as exciting. Alongside hidden areas and rare billboards to smash through, a range of collectible cars will also be darting across the map, tempting you to take them down and add them to your garage. Whilst cars remain the highlight of Burnout Paradise, motorbikes are also available to tear up the streets from a different perspective.

This remaster might not be a glorious remake built from the ground up, but it still looks great and opens up the series to new fans. Here’s hoping its resurgence marks the start of more Burnout remasters or, perhaps, an entirely new game.

Anything bad to report?

It would have been super cool to get brand new content introduced into this remaster, however, as it stands Paradise holds up pretty well even after 10 years. 

Should you buy it?

At its bargain price (it currently sits at £29.99 at the time of writing) it’s hard not to recommend this content-packed purchase. Paradise is a fantastic game and if you’re a newcomer to the series and like the idea of high speed thrills combined with spectacular crash physics, then you’ll probably love this.

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