Over the past week I’ve been playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on the new maps featured in the first DLC pack: Onslaught. Not sure whether to purchase them? Read on to get a better impression.


Containment is a run-down town sporting a hefty looking nuclear bomb smack bang in the middle. Offering close quarters down tight alleys, long range firefights along the middle and height variety this map has the basics to make it good. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case.

Containment is a fairly bland and, quite frankly, boring map. Personally I’m not a fan and it’s clear that other players don’t like it when it gets out-voted in each and every game. Each map in Onslaught rocks a brand new field order “killstreak”. In Containment, if you’re the first individual to complete a field order, then some sort of missile/bomb plummets down right on top of the nuke. Unrealistically, the nuke blows and leaves an unimpressive sized crater in its place. Although I’m not one to pick out the nitty gritty details, this did bug me. On the plus side it adds variation to the map and offers new play styles.


The second map within Onslaught is based in a small seaside town and is suitable for all game modes. This map is certainly a more CQC style map with the majority of players wielding SMGs and rushing around quickly. Interestingly, Bayview has its very own moving tram, useful for getting into the enemies’ spawn whilst staying behind cover. The field order reward is essentially an elongated mortar strike which is highly effective against crowds of enemies. In terms of actual layout? This map does good. Plenty of buildings, close corners, elevated positions and long open stretches. Definitely a favourite within the DLC pack, whether it becomes a favourite overall? We’ll see.


This map is, put bluntly, bloody fantastic! I can’t place much fault on this map. It has the intense winding, twisting passages that offer great flank routes. It also presents a rather swanky (lies, it’s derelict) house, ideal for defending in team based games. You hold that house securely and the enemies will fall like dead flies. What makes this map cool, interesting and fun I hear you say? The field order reward. Complete the field order and you get to don the mask and wield the blood stained axe of Michael Myers himself, accompanied by creepy music, of course. Admittedly it is a little like a pimped out Maniac but slashing at enemies’ throats with an axe is infinitely better!


Once again the Call of Duty franchise brings back a fan favourite map redesigned. This time Infinity Ward resurrected Scrapyard, the ever popular map from Modern Warfare 2. I can safely say that it was an excellent decision, definitely still a fan favourite. Although I should probably mention that I found it a tad weird running around space shuttle parts instead of planes. Nevertheless it still offers the same great variety that was to be found in the original. Introducing a huge rocket that burns people and brings down metal from the sky, you’re going to love the new vision of this map.


For the second time ever Call of Duty has brought in a brand new weapon as DLC content. The Maverick is a 2-in-1 sorta weapon. An assault rifle: Maverick, and a sniper rifle: Maverick-A2. Unfortunately you can’t switch and choose mid game, they are categorised as two separate weapons within Create-A-Soldier.

As an assault rifle the Maverick is fairly well rounded. Firing the latest in bullet technology, “Hyper-Velocity Rounds”, give out devastating damage at close range whilst balancing on the average in terms of accuracy and fire-rate. As a sniper rifle, when used correctly, it can be a nasty little toy. Equipped with a tracker scope by default you’re able to spot enemies at great distance and pick them off with ease. This gun may be favoured by “campers” but don’t let that put you off, still a great sniper rifle!


Now, instead of zombies we all know that the survival horror within Ghosts is entitled Extinction. Infinity Ward have decided to release new episodes with each DLC pack which will eventually join together to make one big super-story. I’ve only managed to play a small part of the first episode, Nightfall, but already I’m impressed. Instead of what seemed like an endless battle against weird aliens I felt I had some sort of purpose and a destination. Maybe even a destiny. A part I had to play in this story other than shooting aliens and blowing up hives. I already enjoy Extinction but with the introduction of this new episode I’m loving it even more. I will certainly be playing a lot more of this game type.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Onslaught DLC) Review
  • + Offers good variation within all the maps
  • + New Extinction episode is smashing!
  • - Enclosed maps seem to be a getting a little samey after 7 years

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