Dead Island: The Definitive Collection | Review
Dead Island: The Definitive Collection could have been a very lazy remaster, but Techland have taken the time to vastly improve visuals in every aspect. Pick this up if you have a thirst to cleanse the undead solo or, ideally, with friends.
The Good
  • + Major improvement over the original visuals
  • + Multiplayer aspect is still a blast
  • + All DLC included results in a bucket load of content
The Bad
  • - Animations are stale
70%"Good Fun"

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Start Replay: “Dead Good Upgrade”


Featuring a picture-perfect holiday destination, Dead Island is an open-world zombie brawler that sets you the task of helping survivors whilst you attempt to escape its false paradise; decapitating the undead whilst using a variety of weapons. The story is extended in an expansion, Riptide, and 4 player co-op is available across both games. Marking yet another remaster, Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide have both been given a clean polish, warranting a re-release.


If you happened to miss out during their initial launch then this rehash is certainly a good reason to hop in. Not only has all the downloadable content been included, as you’d expect, but the major upgrade to visuals and boost in performance means you’ll have an even more enjoyable time as well. Whether you decide to buy the original Dead Island or its partial sequel/additional content, Riptide, there’s a ton of content to plough through. Add the fact that you can currently purchase them separately for £12.99 or together for £24.99, and it’s a bit of a no-brainer – no pun intended.

Without going into too much detail with regards to story and gameplay of a relatively old set of games, all I’ll say is that it provides a good amount of fun for a solo or multiplayer adventure. Gaining experience points via completing challenges or missions is your main source of progression, allowing you to advance its three skill trees and tailor gameplay to your liking. This includes increasing your combat ability, character health, and even how powerful your attacks are. It might pale in comparison to its developers’ latest zombie adventure, Dying Light, but Dead Island still packs a bloody punch – quite literally – and its graphical overhaul improves the original dramatically.


In direct comparison to the original games, Dead Island and its stand-alone expansion have received quite an impressive do-over. The entire graphics engine has been upgraded to match the high-quality seen in Techland’s Dying Light, encompassing a roster of improvements to lighting and textures. The biggest result these visual improvements have is on the atmosphere, as your surroundings feel a bit more realistic. Plus interior and exterior locations are easier to navigate thanks to an impressive new lighting model.



Accompanying this remaster is Dead Island: Retro Revenge, a 16-bit side-scroller that takes players on an old school adventure. As an endless runner – wherein your character keeps on running – your goal is to avoid obstacles and rack up kills without dying. Your main mission is to rescue your cat, Rick Furry.

Dead Island Retro Revenge_20160611014705

It’s a comical distraction that’s a blast for 10 minutes, but don’t expect to lose your life to it. It’s free with the Dead Island pack for a reason.

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