The Dead Rising Triple Pack | Review
The work that developers put into remastering their old games varies an exceptional amount. This Dead Rising collection offers a perfect opportunity for someone’s first time, but won’t do much to lure back long term fans.
The Good
  • + The original Dead Rising finally makes a jump to PlayStation
  • + Increased frame rate produces silky smooth gameplay
  • + The same wacky, ridiculous gameplay returns…
The Bad
  • -…but everything still looks near-identical after being ‘remastered’
  • - No changes to gameplay or camera mechanics results in a half-hearted return

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Start Replay: “A Lackluster Remaster”


The Dead Rising collection offers a trip of nostalgia, not one of incremental upgrades. Instead of improving upon original gameplay mechanics, Capcom has decided to spruce up the graphics and call it a day. In what seems to be common practice amongst most developers looking to remaster older titles, this Dead Rising trio (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record) accompanies all downloadable content and a slightly shinier display. Textures have been improved to help showcase characters and environments in a little bit more detail, plus the frame rate has been bumped up to 60 frames per second alongside 1080p presentation; ensuring that everything looks sharper without any stutter. Whilst I don’t own the original titles to make a direct comparison, a closer inspection through videos on Youtube clearly shows minimal improvements.

It would be hard a push to say these ‘newer’ versions look dramatically better than the originals, because they are pretty much near-identical. It would’ve been far nicer to see these games rebuilt from the ground up, perhaps even running on a entirely new engine. It’s certainly enjoyable to have the original Dead Rising appear on a PlayStation platform for the first time, but given its wrinkled appearance and clunky gameplay, don’t expect to have a modernised experience. Its old frame work and lacklustre controls tend to dampen the fun.


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