Decay: The Mare Review
The Good
  • + Good atmosphere
- The Bad
  • - Thin story
  • - Boring gameplay

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Recently, I had the chance to go back to basics and play Decay: The Mare, a point and click mystery horror game. This is a follow up to the Decay entries that came out on the Xbox a few years ago and this game unites those titles together.

Decay: The Mare really feels like a throwback to the old browser point and click games I used to play when I was younger, the problem with those games is that they get pretty dull after a short while.

The plots for point and click games such as Decay have to be strong to keep players interested, as they can often operate a fairly uninteresting genre of gaming that struggles to keep all but die hard fans interested. Sadly, however, the plot for Decay: The Mare is quite thin and wasn’t enough to keep me interested. To be fair to the developer Shining Gate Software, I can’t help but feel they were limited in storytelling by the point and click nature of the game coupled with a seemingly low budget.

The gameplay is simple, you click on different areas of the room and different items to investigate, it’s isn’t going to win any awards but it’s a solid system and Decay used it well. The challenges and puzzles are complicated but not unsolvable, and provide a nice challenge for the player.


One of the positive points for this game is its atmosphere. Decay manages to create a creepy and eerie setting through its use of colours, sounds and animations. It gave off a very Outlast-esque vibe and was enough to make me play with the light on.

The visuals on the other hand are not very pleasing, and it’s quite clear that this game was, at least visually, intended for tablets or mobiles. The grainy images provide for a bit of an eyesore on the pc, but could be excused if played on a mobile device.

All in all, I personally found it to be a bit of a dull game with cheap scares and a weak plot, but it creates a good atmosphere. I’d like to see what Shining Gate Software could do with a bigger budget and moved away from the point and click genre.


If you want a quick fix of horror or you are a point and click junkie then I recommend you have a go, otherwise steer clear.

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Richard has been playing video games since he got his hands on an N64 and a copy Banjo-Kazooie. He has since grown up with every piece of gaming hardware since. Richard is a big fan of strategy games, such as Total War and Civilization, as well as your more simple shoot 'em ups and sports games. As a founding member of The Happi Campers he has been making videos and reviews for 2 years and is also an award winning writer of Gavin and Stacey fan fiction.

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