Dishonored: Death of the Outsider | Review
This standalone story serves up another great slice of Dishonored action. The omission of the ‘Chaos’ system may result in a lack of consequences when it comes down to choosing how to play, but the return of the series’ open-ended gameplay and beautifully grimy level design (which is drowning in detail), once again proves that Dishonored is still one of the best action-adventure stealth games around.

What is it?

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is the series’ first standalone adventure and carries on after the events of Dishonored 2. Players get to play as Billie Lurk, a recurring character, as she travels across Karnaca to pull off a risky assassination.

After Billie is endowed with powers by Daud (another recurring character), it’s your task to bring an end to the god-like figure that has been behind the menacing magic since the beginning of the first game: the Outsider.

Is it any good?

Oh yes. It follows the same brilliant layout as the first two games by presenting flexible gameplay and lush, layered levels which are filled with a variety of gameplay opportunities.

Whether you like to play the game stealthily and remain undetected, or head straight into the action knife first, Dishonored’s open-ended gameplay is built brilliantly. Experimentation is a key part of Dishonored and replaying levels is a perfect way to try out different play styles. Billie’s powers offer a range of options when it comes down to taking on enemies, but I’ll leave you to discover them for yourself (spoiler: they’re all awesome).

Anything bad to report?

Unlike Dishonored 1 & 2, Death of the Outsider doesn’t include a ‘Chaos’ system. This unique feature was a major highlight of the first two games and ended up changing the world around you, depending on how you played. For instance, if you decided not to kill anyone there would be fewer enemies or, alternatively, if you went on a killing spree people would take notice and there would be greater resistance.

The lack of a ‘Chaos’ system means there isn’t any real reason to stick to a specific play style in Death of the Outsider, but it does present a bit of careless freedom. I’ve always preferred to ghost through missions, but now it doesn’t matter if I get my hands dirty and this expansion takes away any real consequences to my actions. Now I can shed blood with ease and I’ve had a great amount of fun doing so.

On an additional note Billie’s powers cannot be modified, which I found a little bit of a shame.

Should you buy it?

The Dishonored series has always presented brilliant open-ended gameplay and Death of the Outsider is no different. If you haven’t played the series yet, then I strongly suggest you pick this up. It might not feature quite as much freedom and customisation when compared to Dishonored 2, but it still presents a beautiful world filled with lethal possibilities.

It also sits at a great price point of £19.99, which will surely entice newcomers to experience the series for the first time.

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