Dragon Age Inquisition Review
The Good
  • + Rich and vibrant story
  • + Solid RPG system
  • + Marvelous voice acting
The Bad
  • - Few minor bugs
  • - Combat is slightly repetitive

With the next Mass Effect a long way away, Bioware has begun its foray into new hardware with an overdue entry of Dragon Age. Inquisition can certainly be considered one of the longest games ever, if nothing else, taking anywhere between 90-150 hours or more to complete. Thankfully with the thrilling storyline, superb character development and beautifully crafted maps this game delivers both quality and quantity.

One aspect of Inquisition that does let it down, however, is the gameplay. The repetitive combat system can become dull and lading to players speed running past enemies just to further the story and progress, something I shamefully admit I did. Levelling, upgrading and combat in Inquisition have all been taken back to their RPG roots and it merges nicely with your progress in the game and the character development. The levelling up provides the player with many upgrades and new abilities, which are nice additions and can spice up the combat a little bit. The way in which the player interacts with other characters has been refined, matching a more Mass Effect style dialogue wheel ,which makes interacting with and gaining information from NPC’s simple and fun.

The dialogue is, after all, very important in a game franchise with such a vast amount of lore. Inquisition successfully expands its rich and long story, which focuses on the Inquisitor — who is the player’s character — a man or woman initially in the wrong place at the wrong time, who makes the best of their situation, becomes the leader of the inquisition and saves the world from many evil threats with their band of merry men, women and things. The amount of work put into the hundreds, if not thousands, of characters you meet should be enough to make you buy the game;  especially with realistic performances for each and every character to help them feel authentic.

The game features some basic multiplayer, which is unnecessary in an RPG which focuses so much on story telling, but nice nonetheless. The four player co-op allows players to interact and connect with other adventurers, and introduces a welcome change for a game series so often considered a single-player experience in which you cut yourself off from the outside world.

If the story alone isn’t enough to convince you to buy the game then take in the stunning visuals, words cannot express the sheer vastness and beauty of the game world. The absolutely massive map is exquisitely designed, with each section of the games’ world having its own carefully crafted look and feel adding a whole new level of character to the game. When you combine all this with the musical score by Trevor Morris that can only be described as audio porn, you have hours of potential fun exploring.

The game however is plagued by a few bugs, such as cutscenes freezing and leaving you to miss out on some perfectly crafted dialogue or the ground simply disappearing. These bugs are nothing a simple restart can’t fix, however, and do not greatly affect your gaming experience.


Whilst playing Dragon Age Inquisition the amount of lore is so vast you could fill a library with it. The tens of thousands lines of dialogue and in-depth story are enough to keep you entertained for days, and when you finish why not go back and replay it all over again as another race, class or gender to see the outcome of a different path. So if you have over 100 hours to kill then why not pick up a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition from your local retailer, you won’t regret it.

*Dragon Age Inquisition was provided to Start Replay by Xbox

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