Dragon Ball XenoVerse | Review
The Good
  • + Custom Characters
  • + Fun grind
  • + RPG elements
The Bad
  • - No training
  • - Story needs more explanation
74%"Good Fun"

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Dragon Ball XV is the game fans have been waiting for, but if you haven’t watched any of the Dragon Ball series, it’s going to be hard to get into. Almost immediately, XenoVerse throws you into combat and expects you to know what you’re doing. However, through a handful of button presses and hoping for the best, it’s easy to act and look like a bad-ass.

Shortly after the introduction, you’re tasked with creating a new character via a detailed customiser, even getting to choose which race you play as: Earthling, Majin and Namekian are just some available. Each have their own unique characteristics, meaning they offer more than just a cosmetic change. Once you’ve chosen, you’re recruited by Trunks to a group called the Time Patrol. The Time Patrol protect against enemies who try to change what happened in the past.


Unfortunately, an unknown enemy is changing the major events in the Dragon Ball sagas, such as Piccolo only killing Goku and leaving Raditz alive. If you don’t know who those characters are then you’re going to have a hard time enjoying any of it, and there isn’t a detailed presentation of the story. Which is a good and a bad thing: great for people who already know Dragon Ball’s universe, and bad for those who don’t. I’m going get the bad stuff out the way first in order to finish on a sweet note.

I had a great amount of fun with this game, and all the bad points are pretty minor. There’s only one major thing I found worrying, and it’s that the game doesn’t really teach you how to get better. Something which it needs to make you as though you’re progressing. There’s a basic bit of training to begin with, but beyond that it’s a plain path forward.

Another grip is that when you’re shopping for items/powers, there’s no preview as to what you are buying, just the name of the item/power. So unless you know exactly what ‘Battle Suit (Ginyu Force White)’ looks like or what a ‘Freedom Kick’ is, then you’re going to be buying blindly. This could easily be fixed in an update, and I hope it is.


Apart from that, it was all peaches and cream for me, leaving a handful of cool RPG elements and an MMO-style grind for rare items in Parallel Quests. Parallel Quests are missions you can do online or offline in between the main mission. During them, you can get rare items such as Dragon Balls, so you can summon Shenron.

The RPG parts are pretty cool, leveling up your characters abilities and buying different clothes that improve your skills. The combat isn’t too complex, but I’m sure there are many people who have got it nailed down, and are much better than me. You can kick, block and have stamina, which you use for your supers. Amidst this, there are many other details that aren’t worth going into too much explanation.


Overall this is a fun game for any Dragon Ball fan out there. But for newcomers to the franchise, there needs to be more explanation of its characters and world before it can become truly great.

*Dragon Ball XenoVerse was provided to Start Replay by Microsoft

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