The Evil Within 2 | Review
The Evil Within 2 is a major improvement over the original. I love the open-ended gameplay segments, not to mention the tighter focus on pure survival horror. Looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping? This will do just the trick.

What is it?

This anticipated sequel to the original ‘The Evil Within’ jumps forward 3 years and brings series’ protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos, out of retirement. With Sebastian still haunted by the nightmare’s he faced in the first game, he is forced back into STEM (an inception-style machine capable of uniting minds to one central mind) to relive the terror and potentially save his previously-thought-dead daughter, Lilly.

Expect another terrifying journey across the game’s seventeen chapters.

Is it any good?

I liked the original game but quickly grew tired of its outdated, clunky gameplay. This sequel gives the series a good ol’ wash in corrosive chemicals, re-engineering gameplay and bundling together a package that feels fit for current-gen hardware (the first game started development on last-gen tech and thus felt a little stale at times).

This time the story campaign includes a number of open-ended environments and, as a result, gameplay has been let off the leash. Whilst facing enemies head-on is ultimately inevitable in The Evil Within 2, lurking in bushes or shadows and performing stealthy takedowns is an equally viable option. I loved creeping up on enemies and quietly stabbing them in the head, it added another layer of tension to an already tension-filled experience. As you’d expect the horror remains front and centre in this sequel, even more so than the original, and even though I’m accustomed to jumpy scares etc. I still constantly felt on edge.

Sebastian’s abilities and gear can be fully upgraded and depending on your play style, it’s up to you which skills you pour experience points into, .

Anything bad to report?

Aside from a few frame rate issues on PlayStation 4 there’s not a whole lot to grumble about. If anything, I wish there were more open-ended gameplay segments, but overall I appreciated the balance between the linear and non-linear segments.

Should you buy it?

Like survival horror? Then you should definitely purchase this, especially if you’ve been waiting for a game to live up to the spirit of Resident Evil 4 – we all know the 5th and 6th entries in that series left a lot to be desired! If you didn’t like the first game I’d still strongly suggest picking this up, purely because its gameplay has received such a huge overhaul.

If, however, you can’t stand to bear scary monsters, perhaps give this a miss? Either that, or buy yourself an adult diaper before playing.

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