Far Cry 5 | Review
Who knew overthrowing a load of religious nut jobs would be so much fun? Far Cry 5 is a ton of unadulterated madness that should make any gamer smile, solo or co-op!

What is it?

Explore the deadly countryside of Hope County (a fictitious area of the United States, based in Montana) and liberate it from the clutches of a crazy religious cult.

After a failed attempt to capture the cult leader – a nut job named Joseph Seed – you take lead as an unnamed Junior Deputy who is separated from his team and must join up with fellow members of the community to reclaim Hope County once and for all.

Is it any good?

I’ve always enjoyed Far Cry. It presents wacky missions, over-the-top action and lots of explosions.

This latest entry builds on the strengths of the fourth game and continues to keep player choice front and centre. Whether I was liberating outposts, perching by a river for a spot of fishing or taking on one of its many side-quests, I was always kept busy and let loose to perform each task however I saw fit. 

For example, if I chose to clear out an enemy camp I could go in with a stealthy approach (disabling alarms and scouting for enemies), burst in guns blazing, or I could head to a helicopter spawn point and obliterate everything in sight in a shower of missiles and a hail of rapid gunfire. There aren’t really any bounds when it comes to choosing how to play Far Cry 5, you simply get more resources for accomplishing certain tasks without being seen or setting off an alarm.

Hope County’s large map is divided into three sections (although it’s all open from the get-go) and each one is controlled by a specific high-ranking member of the cult. Completing story missions, side-quests and destroying cult-owned property in each territory will net you experience points towards whichever cult member’s area you’re located in. When you reach the a certain amount you’ll then face-off against that member. After ridding Hope County of all three, you’ll then come face-to-face with Joseph himself.

Far Cry 5 is another great showcase of Ubisoft’s cookie-cutter game design. Its world is filled with activities designed to provide an instant hit of satisfaction and overall its gameplay is built to offer every player a healthy amount of variety. Even the glitches and bugs you encounter (another staple of Ubisoft’s titles) add to the experience and often turn the game into a barrel of laughs. It’s unpredictable artificial intelligence also adds to the humour and, at times, I was quite happy to sit back and watch an event unfold. In one instance, an enemy was pouring gasoline onto a fire and it within seconds there was a huge bang and the canister he’d been holding erupted in his hands. The fire had spread without him noticing. 

These unexpected events tend to happen a lot and it’s what makes traversing Hope County such a joy – whether that be in the air or on the ground. I played a lot of the campaign with a friend and there were plenty of moments that had us both bursting into laughter. When you’ve had enough of the story campaign there’s even the addition of an Arcade mode, wherein you can make your own multiplayer maps. I didn’t spend a lot of time in it, but it’s certainly a fun extra mode to jump into.

Anything bad to report?

When you play with a friend in co-op they don’t earn any story progress for themselves, it would have been nice to see Ubisoft come up with a workaround to this. I’d also have loved for its co-op to support 4 players. Also, if you’re not a fan of silly bugs and glitches, then they may aggrevate you.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for another awesome entry in the Far Cry series that explores uncharted territory (or simply a fun, open-ended FPS set in a wacky world filled with fun quests), Far Cry 5 is a great choice.

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