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Fe is a beautiful game that presents some cool platforming and soothing sound design. I only wish it had expanded on some of its ideas a bit more before releasing.

What is it?

Take control of a cute fox-like creature and protect an enchanted forest from the Silent Ones, monsters looking to suppress wildlife and bring darkness to its colourful world. At its core Fe (pronounced fee-uh) focuses on the interconnected world of nature and the beautiful harmony between all animals.

Fe is part of the ‘EA Originals’ range, which is comprised of smaller indie titles.

Is it any good?

Firstly, Fe looks absolutely gorgeous. Every inch of its world is dripping in a powerful and vibrant set colours, lit up with eye-popping purple and sherbet lemon hues. The main aim of the game is to patrol a large and beautiful forest, saving animals from the clutches of the Silent Ones and gaining new abilities from each creature type as well, including the ability to fly, dig and climb. Interacting with new creatures will also give you the ability to sing in their own language, which opens up the chance to interact with the environment. Singing to certain types of flowers, for instance, will open them up as platforms and allow you to enter previously inaccessible areas.

I adored Fe’s design and loved experiencing the tranquility of its world. It’s a rather chill game, but I wish some of its ideas were expanded upon, particularly the abilities your character acquires.

Anything bad to report?

I don’t always love the animations in Fe and found some of its in-game abilities a bit underused. I imagine that, given a bigger budget, the idea of Fe could have ended up being so much bigger than it was. As it stands, it’s a small budget title that looks great and includes fun platforming.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a colourful and relaxing game that won’t break the bank, Fe will do a good job of filling up a few hours of time.

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