Gear Club Unlimited | Review
If Gear Club wasn’t already available on Android or iPhone as a freemium game then I’d probably feel a lot happier about it arrival on Switch. Trouble is, whilst this title was built to play on-the-go and perfectly fits the Switch in terms of play style, its easily accessible racing action isn’t worth its current price tag of £30.

What is it?

Gear Club Unlimited is (currently) one of the biggest racing games to hit Nintendo Switch. It features a large selection of cars and tracks to test out, alongside a focus on building up your own personal garage and altering the performance of your own vehicles. The game originally launched on mobile before being tweaked for the Switch.

Is it any good?

Before its release Gear Club was billed as an ‘authentic’ racing experience on the Switch. The reality, however, is that it’s a glorified mobile game that carries a costly price tag and exaggerates its authenticity.

Whilst this game does feature a range of racing cars that look ‘authentic’ from the outside, Gear Club’s gameplay and graphics don’t match its lofty ambitions. It’s definitely a fun and accessible racing game to play that offers bit-sized races lasting roughly a minute or two per round, but it’s the same kinda of fun that’s found in Gear Club’s freemium mobile alternative. If you’re expecting a racing game that aims to provide Forza or Project Cars level of quality, then you’ll sadly be left disappointed.

Anything bad to report?

Every car essentially feels the same and the graphics don’t raise the bar. It only took me a couple of races before I felt like I was playing a free iOS game, which is ironic, because it is available for free to download on iPhone and Android device complete with what looks like an identical set of content (partially gated behind micro-transactions). Apart from the 4 player split-screen mode, which is brand new to the Switch version.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a fun racing game to play on your daily commute then Gear Club will probably quench your thirst. That said, considering that you can pick this game up for FREE on Android and iPhone (due to the inclusion of micro-transactions), I find it impossible to recommend spending £30 just to play it on the Switch. Wait until it hits the bargain bin.

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