God of War III Remastered | Review
The Good
  • + Great excuse for newcomers to join into the series
  • + Still as cinematic and beautiful as ever..
The Bad
  • - ..but pushing the graphics further would have been nicer
  • - Not releasing the trilogy was a mistake
70%"Good Fun"

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*GOW III Remastered was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by SCEE

“A Simple Polish”

After gracing the PS3 back in 2010, GoW III Remastered offers veterans and newcomers alike the chance to dive back into a classic. The results of this rehash are simply cosmetic, and hardly warrant a re-release.

God of War® III Remastered_20150907175814

The textures and character models look no different, albeit a tiny bit sharper, and the output to 1080p with a target 60 frames per second is nice, but don’t feel substantial enough for a PS4 upgrade. The addition of a photo mode is a welcome bonus, but acts more like icing on the cake than substantial filling.

God of War III was one of the best looking PlayStation 3 games and still holds up today, though if in-game textures and models took advantage of the PlayStation 4’s extra power, then this remake would’ve been more worthwhile. Original developer Santa Monica Studios weren’t at the helm for this re-release, so it’s no surprise the port was quite a simple one.


I find it a bit odd to only remaster the third GoW and not produce a bundle for the trilogy, but if you’re a newcomer there’s no better time to enter one of the best PlayStation series to date.

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