Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds | Review
Frozen Wilds offers a brilliant excuse to dive back into one of Sony’s best first-party titles. There’re more quests to get stuck into, new weapons and enemies, plus the game continues to present some of the best looking graphics in the industry.

What is it?

The Frozen Wilds is Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first piece of downloadable content and provides a brand new area to explore. Experience a fresh slice of story, alongside new weapons to discover and even tougher enemies to face.

Is it any good?

I really enjoyed Horizon and still think it’s one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives to date. Now Guerrilla Games has been brave enough to bolt on extra content to entice fans to return, and I can’t complain with what’s on offer. Once again, a brilliantly detailed script is coupled with stunning art design and jaw dropping graphics: if there was one game that will ensure you get the most out of an HDR-enabled 4K television, this is it. Everything from wading through snow flakes that sit atop a flowing stream, to the vibrant new colours populating never-before-seen areas look are incredibly alluring.

In terms of new content there’s a nice bit of variety. The level cap has been increased (from 50 to 60), new weapons freshen combat up a bit, tougher enemies provide a greater challenge and graphically the bar is raised once again. There is also another set of engaging quest lines to dig into as well.

Anything bad to report?

If you have yet to complete the majority of Horizon’s original storyline and still sit at a lower level, then you may struggle in Frozen Wilds. It’s best to have levelled up beyond 30 before downloading this content.

Should you buy it?

If you’re a fan of the original game then definitely pick this up. For an agreeable price of £15.99 you get a lot of new content to play around with.

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