Hue | Review
I love Hue. It’s a feast for the eyes that packages a range of stylish and well designed puzzles, wrapped in a style that’ll charm your socks off!
The Good
  • + Mesmerising set of colours
  • + Genius puzzle design
  • + Cute art direction
The Bad
  • Nothing to report

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Start Replay: “Colourful Fun”


There’s no other platformer quite like Hue. It’s a quirky puzzler that places colour as your companion; a vibrant adventure that’s easy on the eyes and deceivingly basic. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.


You play as titular character Hue, who lives in a grim black and white world. Through the discovery and acquisition of coloured segments, Hue can manipulate the colour of any given background. If your path is blocked by a coloured crate, simply select the corresponding pigment and the entire background will change to match that colour. The object will blend into the background, rendering it invisible to Hue’s path. You start by discovering one blue segment, and eventually you’ll have an entire palette at your disposal.


As you embark on your adventure you’re met by an array of colour coordinated puzzles. Each of these brain teasers will set you the task of overcoming multiple obstacles, each of which will have their own unique hue. The further you progress in the story and fill up your colour wheel, the more complicated each puzzle will become. For example, as seen in the screenshot above, my path was cordoned off by a series of blocks. In order to make my way through the maze I had to switch the colour of my background to match each corresponding line.


However don’t let the tranquil setting put you at ease; Hue is packed with underlying threats. His fun-filled adventure can easily get put to an end, should you come in contact with a boulder, or a set of deadly spikes. The dangers only increase the further you travel, so stay sharp (pardon the pun)!

The genius of Hue is its simplicity. All you’re tasked with doing is jumping, grabbing and selecting colour. That’s it. The intelligent design of its puzzles ensures that despite having such a basic set of controls, a greater challenge awaits around every corner.

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