Human: Fall Flat | Review
Human: Fall Flat is a game that couples intentionally unsteady controls with intelligently designed puzzles. It’s a simple concept that perfectly highlights its lead characters' hilarious bumbling movement.
70%"Good Fun"

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game that focuses on the hysterical clumsiness of its main character – a limp, human-shaped figure named Bob. It’s your job to guide Bob across various floating dreamscapes in an attempt to overcome open-ended puzzles. The game features an emphasis on physics and through Bob’s intentionally unsteady movement you’ll often find him wobbling to a puzzle’s solution.

You can control Bob in two ways: jumping with his body and using his arms to grab objects or hoist himself up ledges. Due to the game’s unpredictable and clumsy control system, you’re often encouraged to experiment when it comes to circumventing any obstacles in your path. A lot of the time you’ll be required to open a door by pressing a switch or moving a box to sit on a pressure pad and it might look easy at first, but sometimes there isn’t always a direct solution. It took me time to perfect puppeteering Bob around like a pro, but before I knew it I was dotting across levels, flailing his arms around and rolling across scenery without a care in the world – or a bone in my body.

There’s not much else I can say about this game, aside from the fact that it’s a well-designed puzzler that will always keep you on your toes and motivate you to try new things. Whilst Human: Fall Flat has been available on PC for nearly a year, its release on console does include more levels and new customisation options (all of which will also land on PC via a free content update).

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