The premise Injustice is that in the DC universe there are infinite worlds with infinite Batmen and Supermen etc. – and in one of these parallel worlds the Joker tricks Superman to do the unthinkable, to kill. This causes Superman to spiral out of control and make a world with his own form of kryptonian justice. We start the story mode seeing these very events starting to play out in our own DC world but in the middle of this chaos the Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Green Arrow are pulled into the Superman-gone-bad corrupt world. You’re thrown into your first fight with the Joker as Batman but after winning (assuming you can) you’re immediately surrounded by the special forces of this world but, being Batman, you slip away under cover of smoke… but so does the Joker.

I’ll let you play the rest of the story, no more spoilers from me, but all in all the cut-scenes are brilliantly done between fights and only once did I notice an issue with the fade from the cut-scene into a fight scene. Throughout the whole game you’re immersed in DC character developments with references to the comics. For a comic fan this aspect of the game was a huge attraction for me which did not in the slightest disappoint me. But under it all it is just a fighter, with combos and specials, the moves are fairly generic between the characters with slight adaptations, for example down right triangle (on a PS3) for Superman was his super breath, but the exact same button combo for Aquaman was for him to throw his trident, so mashing the same set of buttons for almost all the characters for me was a bit boring, but I’m not the biggest lover of fighting games.

Stay Down!

Now if you like playing as Batman and are prone to winning you will hear “Stay down” lots as it’s what he says upon finishing a fight successfully, the environment is full of interactive objects, barrels to be thrown, cars to be smashed. The big addition for this game is the multi-leveled stages you play in, smashing Nightwing from the top to the bottom level of the Batcave brings me massive enjoyment then beating him up while riding the elevator back up is a greatly enjoyable experience.

Each character has their own power move that can be activated when your “power bar” is full, this varies from Batman using a series of Batarang attacks followed by a smack from the Batmobile, to Superman punching his opponent into the upper atmosphere then flying up to punch them back down. This supermove can change the game in a second, as the more you get bashed and whacked your “power bar” fills up and you activate this supermove. It’s not just about being hit to charge up though, the more successful combos you pull off the faster and the more efficient your power charges, which gives the game a nice feel that you’re being rewarded for pulling off those 20 hit combos.

While this DC skin is greatly enjoyable to me it is at the end of the day, just a normal 1V1 fighter, which after a few hours the novelty of playing as Superman can wear off and you’re left doing the same finisher against each enemy as they come along and this made it a little bit of a boring game in the long run personally. I feel they could have really blown away the whole gaming experience if they had added a few more character expressions and phrases in game while fighting other than always repeating the same phrase over and over. There is plenty of additional content in the works, while there is a season pass out, there is no additional storyline yet announced but plenty of additional skins and new characters coming, including Batgirl and Lobo.

What mode? Knock ’em down!

Aside from the story mode there is the classic “Knock them down” mode where you face one character after another till you reach the “boss” in this case the boss is Superman. Upon completing classic mode with each character you unlock a short clip about what happened to that character after the story events, for Batman *SPOILER* you find out that the recently deceased Lex Luthor donated his fortune to Bruce Wayne so he could rebuild upon beating Superman.*SPOILER*

These clips gave me a reason to keep going with each character to unlock and watch them all, along with getting you an achievement/trophy you get a larger picture of the world left after the story has been completed, and a few new customisable items for your online battle Hero Card. With classic mode you have heroes only, facing ten heroes in a line, villains only, facing ten villains in a row. In this you see a page of locked battle modes leaving you plenty more modes to unlock as you progress through these 1v1 battle modes.

Online you have a few battle modes to choose from when you want to smash up your best pals. The traditional 1V1, survivor (which is very similar to king of the hill) where a continuous winner stays king and gains an XP bonus for each win, x1, x2 etc. So many ways you can fight, you won’t find yourself getting bored or being merciful.

Let’s End This!

I hugely enjoyed this game, I mean I love this game. I love all things DC. But if this game was skinned as any other way, i.e: Marvel – I wouldn’t have bought it, at least not on release. The game is beautiful, its cinematics are well timed, easy to follow and paint the picture of worlds otherwise only shown via comic book panels. The story is one that often pops up in DC, infinite earths with infinite Supermen with infinite motives. The gameplay is spectacular, the moves are well deployed across the characters, the reactions are timed perfectly and you feel as though you are the one wielding the trident of Atlantis as you mash it down onto Nightwings’ head. But it has all been done before, play any Mortal Kombat game and you have the exact same experience.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Review
I highly recommend buying this game if you like any or all of the DC universe, the Batman movies, comics, anything, as it is a great addition to the various DC games already out. But if you have no interest in DC the only redemption this has for you is if you like the traditional fighting games, button mashing combo thrusting mayhem.
  • + Great DC story
  • + Characters feel authentic and react as you'd expect
  • + Fights can change at any moment, keeping you on your toes
  • - Slightly repetitive story fights
  • - Campaign doesn't have huge replay valu
70%"Good Fun"

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