INSIDE | Review
INSIDE is a masterpiece, no two ways about it. It’s a cleverly constructed puzzle-platformer that offers an experience you can’t find anywhere else.
The Good
  • + Solving puzzles with common sense is devilishly difficult, in the best of ways
  • + Character animation is delicate and delightful
  • + Level design will keep you on your toes every step of the way
The Bad
  • Nothing to report

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Start Replay: “Better Than LIMBO”


After releasing the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer, LIMBO, it was always going to be a hard task for Playdead to raise the bar. Yet, INSIDE reaches a whole new level of brilliance; crafted with the utmost care whilst packaging a delicate, heartfelt adventure.


In many ways INSIDE is a spiritual successor to LIMBO. Both titles feature a 2.5D perspective, a monochrome styling and devilishly difficult, yet genius, puzzle design. Once again you take control of a young boy as he makes his way through uncharted territory; this time exploring the confines of a bizarre testing facility.


What makes INSIDE such a marvel is the amount of detail put into every tiny animation and object interaction. When you lift a crate or pull a lever, the slightest adjustment on your controller’s analogue stick is registered. It creates such a close connection with what’s happening on-screen, that the solitary journey you are led on feels very personal. Every piece of movement is delicate, which is accentuated during the puzzle solving.


Unlike other puzzle games whereby the solution is found through some mind bending task, here every puzzle has an entirely natural progression system. Common sense is your biggest tool when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Most of the time the answer you’re looking for is often the simplest. There are no mind games here trying to trick you, simply expert level design coupled with intuitive controls. It’s a combination that offers an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. Going into further detail would spoil the mystery of this game, but if you played LIMBO and liked it, then consider this a more than worthy successor.

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