I’m not a natural dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve always enjoyed the fun and crazy nature of Just Dance. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I feel like some of the eccentric dance moves are purposely designed for you to look equally as ridiculous in the post-dance recordings. With Just Dance 2015, it feels like more of the same.

What I love most about Just Dance is how social the game is. Sure you can sit down and play an FPS with your friend, but this game really gets you interacting with each other. The first time I played a Just Dance game was at a birthday party, and it went down a storm, but not just with the girls, the guys I’ve played it with thoroughly enjoyed it too. The crazy dance moves and the competitive scoring system is a winning combination, which I feel encourages the boys to get involved more than usual.

You can download the free Just Dance app for your phone which aims to improve the accuracy of the sensor while you move about with it in your hand. Although one half of me was tempted to try this, the other half knows that as a clumsy person, it’s more likely to fly out of my hand and smash the TV than to give me a higher score. From what I’ve seen, the sensor has definitely been improved since the last time I played, it’s undoubtedly more accurate than it used to be, but there’s still some room for improvement.

When two people play, it appears that the camera sometimes has you switch characters half way through for no apparent reason. This is only from my experience of playing in one room that may not be quite big enough, so this may not always be the case. Even so, it was rather annoying when you started to win, and suddenly the sensor would change who they were detecting as which character. It may be down to playing with the PS4’s camera, and it would be interesting to compare it to another platform such as the Xbox One’s more advanced Kinect Sensor.

For me, the song choice did let it down a little and there wasn’t as much of a variety to choose from as I would’ve liked. Some songs I had no clue about, and I feel like these may have been better replaced with some more current choices, but I can see why a wider variety of songs would encourage more types of people to play. Still, I was a bit disappointed that Anaconda wasn’t on the playlist, as that would have been one of the most hilarious songs to have to dance to.

One of the newest features I was most impressed was was ‘Community Remix’, an area where you can share your recorded performances worldwide. Being able to see that people look equally ridiculous as you do whilst dancing is bonus for me, but of course you don’t have to share your recordings, you can save them to your hard drive where only you can see them. I really enjoyed looking back over the highlights, especially once they were sped up and then slowed back down, but still couldn’t quite bring myself to share my shaky dance moves with the world.

I found the interface quite appealing, as it was always very colourful and everything seemed easy to navigate and a lot clearer. With just three songs per scroll, you’re not too overwhelmed with choice, and are also given a short preview of each song when highlighted. I’ve always found the Just Dance interface very easy to get along with, when compared to other dance games, such as Dance Central.

Although I really enjoyed playing Just Dance 2015, I do feel like there hasn’t been a hugely significant improvement since the last game. The record and share features are good, but it wouldn’t fully persuade me to buy it, especially if you have played the previous game in the series. They are just a bit too similar in my opinion, and I do sometimes feel that if you’ve played any Just Dance game, you’ve pretty much played all of them.

*Just Dance 2015 was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by Ubisoft UK

Just Dance 2015 Review
For any avid dance fans, this game will not disappoint you. Up to date songs and new features will be sure to keep you and your friends entertained.
  • + Dedicated app for in game use
  • + New 'community remix' area
  • + Easily navigable interface
  • - Sensors sometimes not accurate
  • - Not a huge jump from previous game in series
  • - Not a huge variety of song genres
68%"Time Killer"

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