Knack 2 | Review
Knack 2 is better than the original, but only marginally. It’s an okay platformer which is perfect for kids, but lacks any real character or depth to grab the attention of a seasoned gamer, such as myself.

What is it?

Knack 2 continues the journey left by the original game and sets out to build on the criticisms of the first title by offering a broader range of combat, co-op multiplayer and, overall, a little more substance than its predecessor.

Follow the adventures of ‘Knack’, a cute humanoid organism pieced together from ancient relics. Through the tap of a button Knack can transform from a small character into a huge behemoth, capable of bashing and crashing his way through scenery and enemies – this handy mechanic also comes in useful when solving puzzles. A bright and colourful adventure awaits, peppered with ‘God of War’-style quick time action sequences.

Is it any good?

Frankly, I’m surprised that Sony even green lit a sequel to the original Knack. I, like many other people, saw the original as more of a cool technical demo to showcase how snazzy the PlayStation 4’s graphics were. In other words, it failed to capture my attention and quickly fell to the wayside.

However, it’s clear to see that Knack 2 aims to improve upon the mistakes of the first game. For example, Knack’s move set has been expanded beyond a simple punch, kick and jump, and now includes a skill tree filled with different actions for players to test out and upgrade. In addition, a drop in co-op multiplayer mode is featured across the entire story campaign. These improvements already buff out a couple of blemishes left by the original Knack and, as a result, help to broaden the games’ scope and appeal.

Anything bad to report?

I’ve had fun in Knack 2, but I’ve failed to fall in love with its world and cast of characters. It feels more like an easy-to-access experience solely aimed towards a younger audience, not adults looking for something fresh and exciting to sink their teeth into. It may have learnt from a few of the series’ prior hiccups, but altogether its basic run, jump n’ punch gameplay quickly grows tiring.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an improvement over the original but not quite the second take that fans deserve.

Should you buy it?

If you liked the first Knack, then chances are you’ll love this. However, if you’re looking for a Sony-exclusive platforming game to rival the likes of Crash Bandicoot, better to steer clear and keep looking. On the other hand, if you’re a parent looking for a jolly game to play with your kids (one that doesn’t focus on shooting aliens in the face), Knack 2 presents the perfect package.

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