Layer of Fear DLC 'Inheritance' | Review
I’ve seen it all before. Whilst ‘Inheritance’ is a neat idea, the execution of this add-on left me confused, frustrated, and at times, mildly startled.
The Good
  • + Playing as the painter’s daughter is a neat concept…
The Bad
  • - …however its execution presents familiar scares
  • - Low camera angle as a child feels like a hassle

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Start Replay: “A Frustrating Revisit”


I quite enjoyed Layers of Fear, it appeared out of nowhere and presented a refreshing take on first person horror. It wasn’t amazing, but where P.T. left a space, Layers of Fear filled a portion and kept me entertained (that’s if you call screaming at your telly as you sweat, entertaining). Once I learnt about its DLC, Inheritance, I became excited by the prospect of finding another rush of adrenaline. Unfortunately though, upon returning, this familiar revisit has been more frustrating than fun.

Inheritance follows the daughter of the crazed painter from the first game. It plays with the idea of exploring her childhood, and the traumatising moments that sprung because of her deranged father. Revisiting the house and exploring familiar locations resulted in being teleported to another dimension, many of which pit me at the height of a small child.

If anything, the low camera angle and mishmash of content left me more bewildered and confused, than scared. The only thing I became scared of was how to proceed. It was always going to be a hard task to amplify the scares of the first game, whilst stuck in the same premise and using mechanics I’ve seen before. It wasn’t scary, because I already knew what to expect – most of the time.

There was the odd occasion that left me a little startled, but this was mainly due to a daft jump scare, or loud noise through my headphones. If you don’t wear headphones and play with the sound through your TV, your experience isn’t going to fare well. I guess, in comparison to the human threats seen in P.T. and Outlast, Layers of Fear lacks anything of substance for me to remain scared of. There are only so many hallucinations splattered with paint until boredom comes knocking at the creaky door in the corner.

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