LEGO Dimensions | Review
The Good
  • + Great mishmash of characters and worlds
  • + Integration of the Toy Pad is smart and fun
  • + Building LEGO for use in-game never gets old
The Bad
  • - The lack of a Simpsons theme song personally hit a nerve
  • - Expensive level expansions

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Start Replay: “Breaking The Mould

Until recently my enjoyment of LEGO video games has rested entirely on the fact of whether I’m a big enough fan of the property it’s based on. Even with the recent Batman trilogy of games, I became fatigued with the same situation and lack of diversity. LEGO Dimensions doesn’t have that problem.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20151019131612

Whether you’re a fan of Jurassic Park, The Simpsons, Ghostbusters, or even Back to the Future, Dimensions will surprise and please any and all fans. Its reach across a multitude of universes opens up limitless possibilities, and never once did I figure out what was coming next.

The fact that you’re saved in the middle of a time rift by none other than Doctor Who himself (voice by Peter Capaldi), makes for an incredibly geeky and excitable moment. I know you might be wandering, “how is this all possible?”, but in typical bad guy fashion, some evil genius has managed to open up portals to other dimensions and aims to do bad, bad things. Naturally.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20151019131554

With a plan to acquire unique pieces from each world, this leads to a vast amount of different properties colliding and connecting in a way that shouldn’t be possible. It doesn’t take long until you’re trotting down the yellow brick road of The Wizard of OZ as Batman. But that only marks the beginning of the wonderfully wacky adventure that lies ahead.

Complete with its own plastic portal and a host of figures (Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle and the Batmobile), LEGO Dimensions enters the toy-to-life gaming format in style. Every piece of the starter pack requires you to build it from scratch, including its four playable pieces and the base itself.

Similarly, opposite the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, placing characters on the Toy Pad will place them directly into the game. This is accomplished via a clever bit of tech inside the base of each figure, and results in a bit more interactivity between real life and fantasy as a result.

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20151016003542

LEGO’s integration into the toy-to-life format seems a lot more natural compared to its competitors. Characters aren’t being placed onto the portal just to utilise them in the digital world, as the Toy Pad also factors into gameplay. At various moments I had to move figures around three segments of the board; allowing me to break free from paralysing spells or use colour indicated patterns to complete a puzzle.

The literal hands-on approach to gameplay doesn’t end there. During certain parts of the game you’ll be required to amend your Toy Pad, alongside other items, in order to keep up with changes in-game. Building LEGO has never been so engaging, especially to an adult such as myself.

Sure, I have a niggle with the fact that The Simpsons didn’t have its own theme music (it would’ve made it even more authentic), but the amount of variety at hand is obscene. Each step of the way I was eager to find out who I’d meet next, or what world I’d end up in. LEGO Dimensions truly is, in my opinion, the best game in the series to date. Future expansions through level packs are currently a bit too pricey (£30 for one set), though the nostalgia LEGO holds with me overrides my wallet’s concerns.



So many of my dreams have come true thanks to LEGO Dimensions. Finally I’ve been able to experience Back to the Future, The Simpsons, and many other of my favourite properties in adorable block form. This isn’t just a must have for families and their children, it’s something that even adults can get stuck into.


*LEGO Dimensions was provided to Start Replay on PS4 by Warner Bros. Entertainment

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